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24 hour call out services from alldayPA are designed to provide businesses with a cost-effective way to manage their 24/7 emergency helpdesks and engineer callout lines.

For businesses that are required to provide a rapid response to their clients, whether due to an emergency or simply as part of their service level agreements (SLAs), managing a 24/7 call out line can be a challenge for a number of reasons.

Many businesses choose to meet this requirement by having their regular staff go on call. While this can be more affordable than having staff in the office at all times, it invariably doesn’t provide the best quality of service.

If your business relies on on-call staff to respond to calls out of hours, the chances are that when a call does come in the on-call staff member won’t be ready to provide a good standard of service.

They’ll likely be asleep or out socialising, and won’t necessarily be in “work-mode” to provide the caller with the service they deserve.

This can lead to a negative customer experience and to mistakes being made on the part of the on-call staff member.

The other option many businesses choose to take is to employ staff around the clock to manage these calls in house.

While this will provide a better standard of service than asking staff to go on call, it simply isn’t cost effective.

Often if someone is working a night shift responding to emergency helpline calls, there won’t be enough calls to keep them busy at all times.

Depending on the industry and the business you might only receive one or two of these calls a week, so to employ someone in house to answer them is an incredibly expensive and inefficient way to manage your emergency call-out lines.

So what is the alternative?

24-hour service

With a 24 call out service from alldayPA you know your phone lines are covered 24 hours a day. This ensures that if you have SLAs with your clients to provide a response 24/7 you know you will never be in breach of them.

Similarly, if you provide a product or service that is vital to your clients, ensuring them that they can get an engineer at any time of the day or night will set you apart in a competitive market.

When you outsource your 24 hour call out lines to alldayPA you get the same high quality of customer service you would expect from employing staff in house 24/7. However, you only pay for the calls we answer, which makes it much more cost-effective.

With alldayPA we provide 24/7 cover as standard, so your calls will be charged at exactly the same price whether they come in at 3 in the morning or 3 in the afternoon.

That means that you can have your calls answered by awake, alert, and professionally trained PA’s at any time day or night without having to spend huge sums on salaries for night staff.

With a custom package tailored to the needs of your business you can be certain your clients will always receive a high quality of service whenever the call comes in, while still remaining affordable and providing great ROI.

But how does it work?

24-hour services

Out of Hour Call AnsweringWhen you choose a telephone answering package from alldayPA to manage your emergency call out lines, you’ll be provided with a unique local area telephone number.

You can then set up a divert so that your calls are redirected to that number.

Once the divert is set up, your calls will come into our call centre to be answered by our PA’s. In accordance with your package we’ll either answer all of the calls, or just answer them while your office is closed.

When the PA answers your call they will follow a custom script created especially for your business which will ensure you get all the information you need from every call. The PA can also be used to triage and troubleshoot the call to decide if an engineer callout is required.

If it is decided that an engineer call out is required the PA can then begin the process of contacting the engineer. This can be done in a number of ways, from us integrating with your internal systems so our PA’s can update your engineer’s diaries, to our PAs dialling out to a list of engineers you have approved in the caller’s local area.

Every call is logged and the information is sent to you in real time so you are kept fully up to date with each and every call we’ve answered and each and every job we’ve arranged.

If the caller phones in a second time to get an update on the whereabouts of the engineer, our PA’s can either log into your system, contact the engineer directly, or simply follow a scripted response based on your preference.

With an 24/7 emergency call out service from alldayPA you will only ever be charged for the time we spend specifically managing your calls which makes it a far more cost effective solution than managing these phone lines in house, especially when it comes to providing the service over night.

For more information about our 24/7 emergency callout services get in touch with us today to discuss a bespoke 24 hour call out line for your business.