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Proud to be UK’s Most Trusted

alldayPA are the UK’s most trusted telephone answering service. Our PAs have answered more than 125 million calls for over 23,000 business, in our 18 years of serving the UK and Ireland.

Helping you to work smarter

We help our customers work smart. By using our telephone answering service, businesses acquire additional time in their busy day to work, instead of answering the phone.

If you don’t answer the phone, you will never miss a fee earning opportunity, current customer or enquiry as our PAs will be there 24 hours a day to answer on behalf of your business.

With 3 locations in the UK, we don’t outsource any of our calls to overseas locations. We will manage your calls right here in the UK with messages sent to your office and personal phone in real time with no delays.

Inside our 5* Academy

Great receptionists should be a breath of fresh air during your day.They should make you feel extraordinary for that moment when you call, providing reassurance, charm and support – all the human emotions a highly trained or natural PA will have in abundance.

We train every PA that answers your calls for 6 weeks in our on-site academy. They are presented with different tasks, scenarios and problems to ensure they are ready for any call that may be fielded to our centre.

We select & train the best

Not all of our candidates graduate from our training academy.
We only hire the best people to represent your business as well as ours.

We understand they are the first person your customers talk to when they call your business.
Our PAs are the voice of your business.



alldayPA Academy Qualified

"The training academy helped build my confidence on the phone, now I take calls for clients from hairdressers to emergency response. I never know what each call could entail and that what makes this job exciting"


alldayPA Academy Qualified

"The work life balance at alldayPA means that I can work my shifts around my life. It's so flexible."


alldayPA Academy Qualified

"I've worked here for many years and no day as been the same, it's not like a normal call centre, we are a vital part of 23,000 business in the UK."


alldayPA Academy Qualified

"I love building relationships with the companies we answer calls for, I even build friendly relationships with their regular callers. I really feel like part of their team, not just alldayPA's."


alldayPA Academy Qualified

"Having an in-house compliance team means that every call can be monitored, PAs can be retrained when needed and we can ensure that we deliver a high standard service to all of our clients."


alldayPA Academy Qualified

"As the sales manager, I love alldayPA because I do not understand how any business has survived without the service before. I have even signed my Dad up! I help businesses work in a smart way, I help businesses save money and I help businesses grow."


alldayPA Academy Qualified

"We have an in-house recruitment team that personally selects every applicant. We need to make sure we make the right choice for your business as well as ours"


alldayPA Academy Qualified

"The training process is very rigorous but essential to maintain the professionalism that alldayPA prides itself on. Our PAs can deal with any call they answer with our hesitation or doubt"

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Outstanding, professional, competent

Our three independent call centres are based in
England. All incoming calls can be answered
from any location at any time,
giving you peace of mind
your calls are
being handled.