Sue Ratcliffe

Head of Client Services
Head of client services since 2006, Sue ensures we continually deliver and give you the consistently high-quality service you need when you need it.

Introducing Sue Ratcliffe – Client Services

As Head of Client Services, Sue ensures high-quality call handling is always delivered when and how you need it, to meet your standards.

Sue and her team manage client relationships, asking the right questions in order to fully understand your objectives and help you choose the best call-answering services for your business.

Responsible for client communication, Sue and her team continually monitor alldayPA’s services and help you decide everything. From how to change the way our virtual PAs answer calls, to adding new staff members to your receptionist team, to completely re-scripting your account, and training your PAs.

With more than 20 years of customer relations experience across multiple industries, Sue is a valued member of the alldayPA senior management team.

“The most important thing is that you know that with alldayPA you have a voice.”


When she’s not helping our clients, Sue is partial to a good thriller (read or watching) and making a thorough mess in the kitchen with her daughter, being a lifelong member of the “throw it in a pan and see what happens” school of cooking.

Sue loves to travel when she can, be it a cruise, a trip to Italy or the annual whole family holiday to Devon.

As her daughter attends theatre school, Saturdays are always hectic, so Sundays are reserved for relaxing and enjoying bed picnics whilst watching Disney movies with the family.


How to get in touch

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