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The Virtual Office App from alldayPA puts the power of our Virtual Office at your fingertips.

alldayPA are one of the UK’s leading telephone answering services, supporting a wide range of businesses. With our new Virtual Office App, alldayPA members can control how we answer their calls from anywhere in the world.

With the alldayPA app you can;

  • Set your availability – Update your availability in real time so your PA’s know when to divert calls to you and when to take messages.
  • Notify Your PA – With the Notify Your PA feature you can send updates and instructions so we know how to answer your calls.
  • Set VIPs – You can tell us who your most important customers are so we can give them the VIP treatment every time they call.

The Virtual Office App gives you better access to the information you need;

  • Access your messages – Read your messages anywhere in the world, and search messages by keyword or sender so you never lose someone’s contact information.
  • Get call statistics – We provide you with all the call statistics you need to make the most of your account with us.
  • Check your invoices – Use the app to check your invoices and stay up to date wherever you are.
Virtual Office gives our members more control than ever before over their messages and how we take their calls. Now, with the Virtual Office App, you take that control with you everywhere you go.
The Virtual Office App is free to download, but can only be used by alldayPA members.

Download it in the Appstore today – Click here