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Take Your Business To The Next Level: The Ultimate Guide

take you business to the next level

Taking your business to the next level is easier said than done. For starters your businesses has actually got to survive in the first place. 8 out of 10 businesses don’t make it past 18 months. If you make it past this…

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8 Customer service skills you can teach to your staff

teach staff customer service

Customer service is one of the most important jobs in any business so it’s important your team have good customer service skills. If you’re a small business, customer service duties might be shared out across a number of different people who don’t…

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5 reasons why the phone call still rules customer service

5 reasons the phone rules customer service

Technology has changed how we do business immeasurably. In the last 10 or so years we’ve seen things like smart phones, social media, and live chat go mainstream which has had a massive effect on our communication. One of the areas of…

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