10 killer ideas for an office party to remember

Crack open the snowballs – Christmas party season is upon us!

After a year of staring at excel spread sheets and googling “coffee IV drip” the time has finally come to let your hair down and have some fun with the rest of the team.

With that said – there’s nothing worse than a bad office party – so we talked to some of the coolest venues and experts in Manchester to find the best locations for a festive knees up.

Let’s take a look!

The Printworks

A place to relax and have fun right in the heart of the City

What do The Printworks think makes a perfect Christmas Party?

“The perfect office Christmas party is when everything has been planned in advance and all you have to do is enjoy yourselves!

Trying to get all your colleagues in one place at one time is always going to be a nightmare and when you have to factor in going from one venue to the next, keeping everyone together, there are only a few who can take on this challenge!

This is why going to The Printworks is such a good option as the Christmas tree and giant polar bear make perfect meeting points (and the excuse to take lots of silly pictures) and it’s easy for people to get to from the Metrolink, Shudehill or Victoria station.

The plethora or eating establishments can cater for large groups before heading to the many bars for a Christmas tipple.

Tiger Tiger is a great way to end the evening as there are karaoke pods which is a fun way of seeing your boss let their hair down and six different themed rooms keeping everyone happy with all the different music choices available!”

And your perfect Manchester Party?

“The perfect Manchester party would involve a whole day enjoying this great city!

Starting with the Christmas markets, getting lost in the festivities and atmosphere would really set the day off to a good start.

The festive theme would continue with a skate around the ice-rink and no doubt a lot of laughs at everyone’s abilities!

Then to warm up we’d go to The Printworks’ newest opening, Lazy Lizard, where Ibiza meets Manchester. We’d spend some time enjoying cocktails and dreaming about our next summer holidays. After a bite to eat, we’ll probably listen to some live music and then finish the night with a few drinks and dancing!”


Everything is free inside; Except for the time you spend


What do Ziferblat think makes a perfect Christmas Party?

“Office parties should be relaxed. Forget work and enjoy it. Organised fun often tends to have the opposite effect.

At Ziferblat, our team actually like using our branches for office parties! We did offer to take them out but they wanted to use the Sitting Room. We order in drinks and pizza which often leads to us all dancing round the Sitting Room until the early hours. It feels like a house party, everyone has a good time and there’s no pressure. Thats the perfect office party for me.

If we weren’t in Ziferblat we like to visit our neighbours at Yard & Coop or Common downstairs. Working in hospitality you don’t often get to go and see other venues so this is a great time for us to get out and about!”

And your perfect Manchester Party?

“My perfect Manchester Christmas do would be dinner with our team all round one big table in branch, everyone brings a dish with them.

I’m a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas. Mulled wine, minced pies, Christmas songs and Turkey! We’ve booked an incredible Manchester based soul singer called Yemi Bolatiwa this year for our party, which I’m really looking forward to. ‘Charity shop’ secret Santa and then out in to the Northern Quarter for a bar crawl!”


Live Escape Room Games

What do Breakout think makes a perfect Christmas Party?

“Well here at Breakout, we think the perfect office party is one that involves lots of fun! We love a group activity that involves some thinking, some challenges and a bit of adrenaline in there too! As long as everyone is included and having a good time, we’re happy.”

And your perfect Manchester Party?

“And as for Manchester Christmas party, the perfect party would be here of course, get everyone together from the office or even the family and do something different for an hour! With both of our locations being close to bars and restaurants we are in the best locations to be close to where the party is or needs to be!”

All Star Lanes

Boutique bowling with foo-ooo-oood, fine cocktails, craft beer, and great people.

What do All Star Lanes think makes a perfect Christmas Party?

“At All Star Lanes, we believe in one thing, and one thing only… fun! We’re talking cocktails, great food, and bowling, of course. A bit of healthy competition is the ultimate antidote to awkward small talk. So grab your colleagues and get boozy in the bar, feast on all American comfort food and enjoy the ultimate ice-breaker, bowling!”

And your perfect Manchester Party?

“The perfect Manchester do would include some seriously good grub. We’re famous for our Christmas dinner burger, and this year, it’s better than ever: Turkey, cranberry & chestnut patty, duck fat roasted potato salad, sausage & apricot stuffing fritter, smoked Applewood cheese and treacle cured bacon, all in one. You’re welcome…”

Twenty Twenty Two

Bar. Ping Pong. Late night party spot.

What do Twenty Twenty Two think makes a perfect Christmas Party?

“In my mind the perfect office party creates a relaxed environment for people to have fun and bond in a relaxed manner where all kinds of work talk/politics/hierarchy are left out of it.

I feel like the best way to do this is with activities as opposed to purely going on a standard night out.

This means the perfect Christmas do could involve something like go karting, or escape rooms. An activity treasure hunt could be good, where groups are given clues to go around to different places and do whatever the activity is at each point, with the winners getting a prize.

Naturally, ping pong and drinks would be in order at some point of the evening.”

The Oast House

A fantastic pub on The Avenue, Spinningfields Manchester

What do The Oast House think makes a perfect Christmas Party?

“We think a Hog Roast in our Curious TeePee by the log fire watching a live band makes a pretty Festive and cosy Christmas Party!”

Black Dog Bowl

New York style ten pin bowling with a Black Dog Ballroom twist.

What do Black Dog Bowl think makes a perfect Christmas Party?

“My perfect office party definitely involves great food, LOTS of drinks and a fun activity so we can get some team bonding involved (and of course a big budget….)”

And your perfect Manchester Party?

“I might be a little biased… but the perfect Manc Christmas do would be at Dog Bowl! We can provide a prosecco reception for arrival, a great sit down or buffet Christmas meal, lots and lots of drinks and of course a couple games of bowling to bring out everyone’s competitive side!”

Victoria Warehouse

A completely unique, entirely innovative event space in the heart of Manchester

What do Victoria Warehouse think makes a perfect Christmas Party?

“Company: The more the merrier they say! Making sure that there’s no man left behind, including all your colleagues on this festive night will boost staff morale. It’s a great way for everyone to destress, enjoy themselves and get to know one another in a different environment.

Food & Drinks: Some say a good drink lights up the party! So why not have a good flow of icy, cold and crisp drinks coming and not to forget the food! If one thing people can travel for aside of a good party, it’s for the food and drink. Have the best caterers that can cater high quality food and consider different food requirements for your company.

Venue: It’s not a complete office party without the perfect venue. Why not look for a unique and unusual venue to make your event even more memorable. Dare to be different and adventurous with the venue spaces you’re looking, much like our spaces here at Victoria Warehouse.”

And your perfect Manchester Party?

“The perfect Christmas would be arriving at our chosen venue, welcomed by a drinks reception.

From then on we are to be ushered indoors, where you’ll see food and drinks being offered from the first step inside, with different food stations for different treats all around the venue.

Pop up bars here and there offering amazing cocktails and other beverages. Last but not least, a live band and or DJ Set playing some good tunes throughout the night!”

El Capo

Late night tequila & mezcal bar- Mexican cantina open 7 days a week


What do El Capo think makes a perfect Christmas Party?

“Somewhere that you can eat, drink & dance all in the same place!”

And your perfect Manchester Party?

“I’d love to take the team out to an activity during the day before everyone wants to get drunk. I would say a theme park, outdoor activity like go ape or indoor ping pong/bowling during the day would be fun followed by a great venue that has awesome food, drink deals, great music to dance to.”

Manchester’s Finest

A website dedicated food, drink, arts & culture, theatre, music, nightlife and travel in Manchester

What do Manchester’s Finest think makes a perfect Christmas Party?

“We’re big traditionalists here, so a big lovely dinner with turkey, which includes crackers, hats and plenty of cheese at the end. Then it’s all about a dance and a boogie to a proper cheesy disco – ideally featuring lots of George Michael.”

And your perfect Manchester Party?

“I’ve actually had my hand in planning rather a lot of Christmas parties including a Winter Outdoor BBQ that went down really well (especially once the meat and mulled wine came out), as well as one where we had a variation on Secret Santa, where instead of buying them a present – you made them a hat. One of my most enjoyable ones was going to a Murder Mystery night – so that’s probably the answer – a Christmas do where you get to dress up in some sort of costume and make it a big event.”


Now go out and party!

With all these great recommendations from our friends there’s no reason for you not to go out an party with your colleagues this Christmas. Why not use the map below to help plan your perfect Manchester night out?