3 Reasons Your Customers Think You’re A Scrooge On Christmas

No one wants to be a Scrooge. But crucially, no one wants to spend time with a Scrooge. We tend to seek company from people who are not, say, miserable, tight-fisted, grouchy and mean. The same goes for the companies with whom we spend our money. No one wants to do business with a Scrooge.

Here are 3 reasons your customers might mistake you for a Scrooge this Christmas – make sure you avoid these at all costs!

You keep them in the cold

Just like Scrooge who kept his hard-working, underpaid clerk Bob Cratchit working in cold, miserable conditions, working long hours for “but fifteen shillings a week,” by giving your customers just enough to get by, you’re giving them a Scrooge-like experience. Cratchit was so underpaid that he couldn’t afford to give his family a proper family on Christmas Day, and in Scrooge’s vision of Christmas Future, his youngest son Tiny Tim perished because he could not afford the medical bills.

You might be providing a just-good-enough service to your customers, just as Cratchit lived on a just-good-enough wage. But in refusing to go above and beyond, improving the customer experience through things like faster service and more open communication channels, your customers wouldn’t be wrong to think of you as a Scrooge this Christmas!

You don’t give any gifts

This is pretty much the Scroogiest thing you could do. Christmas presents the perfect opportunity to reward your existing customers and entice new ones with promotions, discounts and even gifts. It’s a great marketing tool because who doesn’t love a gift?

To celebrate the launch of alldayPA’s sister brand alldayPA Legal, we sent the marketing team out across Manchester delivering cupcakes to some of the city’s biggest law firms and introduce our service. The cakes were really well received and it was a great brand awareness exercise. Plus, who doesn’t love cupcakes?

You’re not full of Christmas cheer

It’s Christmas! And who’s the biggest hater of Christmas of all time? That’s right: Scrooge. If you aren’t getting on board with the festive season, your customers won’t hesitate to point out your Scrooge-like attitude.

But Christmas provides you with the opportunity to spice up your customer experience. For instance, 48% of consumers said they prefer to listen to Christmas songs when placed on hold. Not that anyone likes being on hold for long at any time of year of course, with 32% indicating that they would hang up if on-hold for longer than a minute.

There are many opportunities at Christmas to decorate your customer journey with festive wishes. From hold music and gift-giving to brightening up someone’s morning with a Christmassy email signature or seasonal greeting when you answer the phone, (“Hell-ho-ho-ho,” anyone?)

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to woo your customers this Christmas because you’re too busy being a Scrooge!

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