Telephone Answering – 4 Reasons Your Staff Deserve It

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4 Reasons Your Staff Deserve Telephone Answering

There are lots of different reasons people to choose to get telephone answering. It could be because they don’t want to miss another call. It could be because they’ve seen how cost effective it can be. One of the reasons some people overlook is how much a telephone answering service can support your staff in house. Productivity and morale are hot topics in UK business at the minute, and if you’re struggling with either in your place of work a telephone answering service could provide the solution. Here’s why.

1. It lets your staff concentrate on their jobs

Most people didn’t get into their line of work because they love being on the phone. Perhaps they trained as lawyer because they enjoy the process of creating a water tight case. Perhaps they trained as a graphic designer because they’re passionate about the beautiful work they can create. Whatever your staff trained to do, it’s likely answering the telephone is tearing them away from that.

The fact of the matter is though, once someone gets into the flow of working it’s likely they’ll spend a lot of time on the phone. Unfortunately, taking phone calls is just part of working life. Effective communication is the lifeblood of any business and taking phone calls is a big part of that. However, most of us will have come to realise that a lot of the phone calls we take aren’t strictly necessary. With a telephone answering service, this isn’t a problem.

When you implement a telephone answering service in your business your staff are free to do the job they trained to do, without having to waste large parts of the day on the phone. They are free to concentrate on the work they trained for, that they enjoy, and that they have the most fee earning potential doing. When they need to have those important conversations they can go to the phone in their own time.

By taking away the distraction of the telephone from your staff you can see improvements in performance, efficiency, productivity and wellbeing. With so many benefits, it’s certainly worth considering a telephone answering service of your own.

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2. All the information they need is in one place

How many times have you been on the phone and taken a message only to lose it later? Or assumed you’d remember the key points from a phone call, only to realise a few hours later you have no recollection of what you were talking about? With telephone answering, this isn’t an issue.

When you use a telephone answering service a team of dedicated PA’s answer your calls and send messages through to you in real time. This provides your staff with the valuable tool of having a database of all the phone conversations that have come into your company.

With a telephone answering service you don’t need to worry about losing a new client’s contact details or forgetting exactly who it was you needed to call back. All the information is sitting there in your account.

Once you start using an app to manage your telephone answering service this process becomes even easier and more effective. All of your staff can have unique logins to the system and, if you want them to, they can take the entire black book of your business everywhere they go. This makes remote working far more effective and empowers your staff to work effectively and efficiently wherever they are.

3. It can improve staff wellbeing

The 21st century working environment can be highly competitive. Because of mobile phones and the internet a lot of people feel it necessary to always be on the go, and to always be ready to work wherever they are.

While you as a boss might be thinking “that sounds great – free hours of work from my dedicated staff” the fact is this culture of presenteeism and overworking can be extremely damaging to productivity and the wellbeing of your staff. 45% of all sick days can be attributed to stress, anxiety or depression. In the year 2015/2016 this totaled 448,000 individual cases amounting to 11.7 million days. As an employer, it is important to make sure your staff don’t fall victim to this, and telephone answering can help.

When you implement a telephone answering service in your business there is no need for your staff to feel compelled to answer their phones late into the night and over the weekend. With a telephone answering service providing cover 24/7 your staff can feel free to relax during their down time.

Having this time to relax is important as it helps improve productivity and morale and allows you to have a generally more effective and efficient workforce. You can start experiencing this today by implementing telephone answering in your business.

4. The role of a receptionist has changed

A lot of companies might think they don’t need a telephone answering service because they already have a receptionist or a PA. The fact of the matter is however that these roles have changed drastically over the years and now involve much more than just answering the phone.
Today a receptionist or a PA will likely handle large amounts of the important administrative work being undertaken in a business, with many PA’s even being the effective “right hand man” to the CEO of a company. With this much responsibility, most PA’s and receptionists are simply too busy to answer the phone 100% of the time.

When you outsource your telephone answering to a dedicated telephone answering provider you allow your receptionist or PA in house to concentrate on the host of other jobs they need to complete in a day.

If you think your staff would benefit from the support of a telephone answering service, get in touch with us today. If you want more articles like this, sign up to our mailing list.

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