4 things every IT team knows will happen when they come back after Christmas


It’s that time of year again

At this time of year lots of offices in the UK will be starting to wind things up in anticipation of the Christmas break. Even if your office only shuts for 3 or 4 days, chances are you’ll be running on a skeleton crew for the two weeks surrounding Christmas. As such it makes sense to ensure things will run OK with minimal supervision for the festive period. However ask any IT team and they’ll tell you they’re bound to be asked these questions when they come back in January.

I’ve forgotten my password

There’s always one person in every business who will forget their logins at any given opportunity, and Christmas is no exception. After just 4 or 5 days away from the office they have managed to forget the password for their computer, their email, and sometimes even the code for the front door. But that’s OK, they set security questions for a situation just like this, right? Well, it turns out they’ve forgotten the answers to those too.

Looks like your first day back will be setting up new logins for Karen in finance… again.

2017 will be the year of…

New year new you. Or, for CEO’s, new year new business strategy. All too often managers return to work after soul searching over the Christmas break with a great idea to revolutionise the way they do business, and guess what, it involves IT. It could be moving to a new CRM, it could be putting everything in the cloud, it could even be equipping everyone in the sales team with new iPads. Whatever the business fad is that year, you know your boss will be right behind it, which for IT means setting up a whole new infrastructure to support the business. Good luck guys.

“I got this for Christmas. Can you fix it?”

If you work with computers for a living, every man and his dog wants your help installing windows on their new laptop. With lots of people getting new gadgets for Christmas, the amount of these requests goes into overdrive. The worst part is your job probably has nothing to do with what they’re asking. You could work on a mainframe or be a CAD technician but when they see you sitting in front of a computer they assume you can help them change the ring tone on their new Samsung Galaxy. I mean, you probably can, but that’s beside the point.

Everything is broken

This one is as certain as the changing of the seasons. You set everything up to run perfectly for the few days you’re out of the office, yet you come back in to find none of it is working. The people who did come in during the Christmas break couldn’t help but tinker with this and that, and now everything’s broken. HR can’t access their emails, Marketing have done something strange to the website, and Customer Service have somehow deleted all of their records. Still, with this much to do at least your job’s safe for another 12 months.

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