4 Ways To Make The Most Of The Lost Week

Well it’s official. Christmas is over and like it or not, the dull ache of January is approaching at an alarming speed. Those of us back in the office routine before we’ve even had a chance to rush into any hasty new year’s resolutions find ourselves in a sort of limbo land with many colleagues still on holiday enjoying a cosy Monday morning in bed (they probably don’t even know what day it is). With half your team out of action, you find that things back at the office are a bit slow. Nothing’s really getting done and you sort of think this might be a bit of a Lost Week.

But don’t let yourself be overcome with dismay! Instead, why not ask yourself how you can make the most of the Lost Week?

Catch up

With half your team out of the office, this week presents the perfect opportunity to catch up on the odds-and-ends jobs that you didn’t quite get round to this year. Reply to emails, send those reports off, and order that new kettle for the office. Taking care of the more administrative, less-exciting tasks that you never quite get round to will help ease you back into the swing of things after a bit of time off enjoying the festive season.

Make the most of the quiet by ticking those things off your to-do list before the New Year, so that you can enjoy 2015 with a clean slate.

Brush up

With a new year comes new ideas, new concepts and new developments. No matter how long you have been calling yourself an expert in your field, it can never hurt to refresh your memory or reinvigorate your strategy with brushing up on the latest news and insights in your area.

If you’re looking to make 2015 the year you grow your business, why not get to grips with the latest in content marketing? Research up-to-date hiring techniques to make sure you fill your team with the right people – asking interviewees what farm animal they most identify with is so 2013. Dedicate some time this week to getting a better understanding of the areas you want to focus on in 2015.

Tidy up

Have you returned from your Christmas break feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed only to be deflated when confronted by the ever-growing intimidation you call a desk-organiser? 2014 was hectic and you just seem to have accumulated mounds of to-do lists (some of them dating back to 1999!), bits of paper with notes from a meeting you don’t even remember, and Christmas cards from people you don’t really like.

It’s true what they say about tidy desks and tidy minds. Even your computer’s desktop might need a little spruce up. Keeping your workspace clear is good for productivity, and this is especially true for those of us working from home.

Make sure you take care of your email inbox too! An overflowing inbox is the bane of many lives as people feel they’re drowning in a correspondence and workflow they can’t even control.

Be ruthless with what you throw away. Holding on to half-baked plans for abandoned projects or contact details you will never use again may seem like a good idea, (“I’ll definitely use this later!”) but the truth is, if you have no use for it by now, you probably won’t ever get round to it in future.

Plan ahead

The best part about a quiet week? You finally have time to make that plan. You know the one that you keep meaning to put down on paper, but some how keep getting distracted?

Throughout the year, it’s easy to see planning as a productivity side-step. When something else comes along, it’s always the planning process that gets pushed to the back-burner because you feel that doing something is more important than planning to do something later. But in reality, this makes it almost impossible to strategise and visualise where you plan to be in the medium- or long-term.

The Lost Week is the perfect time to plan for the months ahead. The quiet office gives you a chance to reflect on the last year and start thinking about the next.

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