5 of the Funniest Tech Support Customer Stories


“To start, press any key.”

Where’s the “any” key?! It’s 21 years since Homer first yelled at his computer, working from home in his flowery muumuu. 2 decades later and anyone sat at an IT helpdesk will tell you little has changed. Whether apocryphal or hard fact, “where’s the any key” is just the tip of the iceberg for tech support. Every time an IT guy picks up the phone, there’s a good chance the person on the line will ask a question so bizarre it has to be shared. With that said, here’s 5 of the funniest tech support stories we’ve heard.

“Don’t you get your internet from Netflix?”

We’ve all succumbed to a 10 hour Netflix binge at least once in our lives. However, while Netflix might be a big part of internet use these days, it’s not at the point of becoming a service provider just yet. However, that didn’t stop this caller asking them to get her daughter online when she moved house?

“My daughter moved into a new house and was having trouble connecting to the internet. So she called Netflix and they said that they wouldn’t be able to help her. Don’t you get your internet from Netflix?”  She asked.

The good natured IT guy goes on to explain the difference between Netflix and an ISP, much to the amusement of his manager.


“Write a program to make them blinky”

We all like to feel Christmassy over the festive period, and nothing says Christmas like twinkly fairy lights. And, if you’ve got a set of normal fairy lights it only takes a bit of technical tinkering to get them to flash, right? Well, that’s the story one man gave anyway.

After being asked to make the office Christmas lights blink in a pattern, this unfortunate techie was simply asked to “plug them into a server and write a program to make them blinky”. When he tried to explain it wasn’t that simple he was told “I bet we could find one that lets you plug the lights right into an internet plug, and make them blink!” Fortunately he didn’t leave his colleagues to find out what happens when you jam a plug into an ethernet port.


“I heard a scream on the other end of the phone”

We’ve all heard the phrase “ghosts in the machine”, but until now, I thought it was just a saying. This story is short but sweet – and definitely worth a mention.

After taking control of a client’s desktop via a remote session, this IT guy heard a blood curdling scream down the line. Was the store being robbed? Had there being a terrible accident? No, something much worse had happened. According to the client on the phone, the computer was possessed and the cusor was moving all on its own.


“A skunk ate my cable”

I’ll be honest with you – we don’t even really have a story for this one. This is just one of the answers given to a poll by Robert Half Technology of 1,400 information chief information officers. We just had to include it because of how ridiculous it is. Was there a skunk in the office? Was this guy trying to charge his Macbook in the wilderness? How hungry was the skunk?

This survey answer only creates more questions, but we’re fascinated either way.


“They deleted my Internet”

When the internet goes down life gets tough fast. No Google. No Netflix. No Instagram. There’s literally nothing to do. Imagine the horror then if someone deleted the internet altogether. That’s the situation one woman found herself in when she took her laptop in for repair.

After getting a customer coming into his shop complaining that a local rival had stopped her laptop accessing the internet, this IT man feared the worst. However, on opening the laptop he found Google Chrome there, in good working order.

It was then he realised, the rival shop had installed Chrome on the woman’s laptop and it had replaced Internet Explorer. “Can’t you see sir, they deleted the internet from my computer!”. Fortunately after the guy stuck an explorer icon to the desktop that linked through to chrome, the customer found the internet was back and working better than ever.


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