5 Reasons You Don’t Need A Call Answering Service

Sceptical about what a call answering service could do for your business? Well your cynicism is not misplaced if you fall into any of the following categories:

1 You enjoy spending a large portion of your day fielding inbound calls.

First and foremost, you just love answering the phone. Every time it rings, you’re on it. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing: whether you’re just sitting down to your desk to start an important project, or you were just heading to the loo after your mid-morning coffee break.

You are itching to answer that phone every time it rings.

Calls including, but not limited to: new enquiries, chase-ups from existing clients; unsolicited sales calls; customer complaints; cold calls; your mother just phoning for a chat; frazzled colleagues and employees. Every single one is a call that you want to answer, happy to simply pick up your train of thought only after hanging up. Time to think is overrated: it’s a big “No thank you!” from you when it comes to a telephone answering service.

2. You’re not bothered about losing business.

You get enough business through your front door. You’re certainly not looking to expand any time soon. You’ve hit your own personal money-making ceiling: you simply don’t need to make any more profits by inviting in new customers.

So you’re happy to ignore those calls that come in while you’re in meetings, out on the road, or busy with family and friends. A call answering service would only capture all those calls and keep your diary full of new and existing clients. Who needs the hassle of more business? Not you!

3. You don’t like spending time with your family and friends.

You use your business as a reason not to have any free time – and you love it. You can’t imagine anything worse than not being chained to your desk phone in case it rings in the middle of the night. You love to be there when that new business comes in, whether it’s during your daughter’s piano performance or your oldest friend’s surprise birthday party.

As long as you are there, on your phone, 24/7, single-handedly fielding every call that comes your way, you know that you are on the right track in your personal and professional life.

Memories are why they invented Facebook! You can catch it there later.

4. You’d rather spend more money.

Hiring staff is expensive and requires a hefty investment of your time and energy as you leaf through endless CVs, prepare for interviews and spend hours whittling down your finalists. Then there are the training costs on top – and you just love it.

If you’re one of those business owners who jumps for joy at the thought of spending more time and money where you could save it, then a call answering service is definitely not for you.

5. You’re bringing voicemail back.

Whoever said that voicemail is so 1999 is so crazy! You’re bringing back this trendy, beloved method of almost-communication and call answering is just getting in your way.

Your clients would all rather be placed on hold, be asked to leave a message, or simply call back three or four times before you get a chance to speak to them. Sometimes you never get the message at all because they never call back – that’s all part of the plan! You kind of sympathised with the guys who don’t want too much business anyway.

If you think voicemail and engaged tones are a great way to run a business, then call answering is only going to cramp your style. You don’t want all your customers reaching your virtual reception desk in just three rings, speaking to a real person and leaving a useful message. Voicemail lovers, we understand that this is absolutely, categorically, not what you are looking for.

Don’t fit in any of those categories?

Perhaps you might be one of those crazy people who values their customers, wants to capture new business and can’t be available 24 hours a day. For more information, why not contact us to find out more about the benefits of call answering for your business.

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