Make Sure You Have A Digital Detox This Summer

The season for summertime holidays and relaxation is finally here. But not everyone returns feeling well-rested and ready to work.

Summer holidays were once a time for relaxation with loved ones, and a break from the stress of work-life. We all need sleep, rest and relaxation and often the best ideas for how we can improve at work come to us in these moments of downtime. However, as a nation of connected employees, we are victims to technology and cannot unplug and unwind – even on holiday!

A recent study by alldayPA revealed one in four employees continue to communicate with their office whilst abroad, 19% take work-related calls, and 25% check and answer emails. Hotel Wi-Fi and smartphones make it even harder to escape, despite higher charges for calls and data abroad, 76% of holiday workers plan to use hotel Wi-Fi for unlimited access to emails and work files, 86% will use their smartphones.

Take a genuine break this summer and return to work as a fully charged, more productive individual by following these five simple steps:

1. Re-direct ownership

Perform a detailed hand-over of your daily activities and hand-over to colleagues you can trust to implement your tasks well. Virtual PA services can help with managing phone calls and diary bookings – for other activities, rely on someone experienced who will give you the peace of mind you need whilst you unplug.

2. Create a solid out-of-office message

Create a well-written out-of-office message to automatically send to email contacts. We love this in-depth blog post by B2C which covers how to write a great out-of-office.

3. Manage expectations

When possible remind your top or loyal customers and suppliers personally that you are leaving with a personal call. Inform them of the date you’re returning and let them know who is there for them in case of an emergency whilst you are away. If you put in the time to call your customers just before you leave, they will be less likely to contact you whilst you are away.

4. Have a return-to-work plan

Have a great return-to-work plan in place BEFORE you leave so you know what your diary looks like the first few days back on your return. Make these plans realistic and achievable – many fail to take a proper break due to fear of returning to the unmanageable navigate to this site.

5. Commit to total relaxation

Commit to being on holiday and ONLY respond to true emergencies. Make sure you define what an emergency is before you leave. Ignore all forms of contact unless a real emergency does happen and enjoy time decompressing, whatever you choose to do.

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