5 Things Every Business Should Know About Their Customers- Infographic

customers 2

 Everyone loves to feel important

Making a customer feel like they are the most important person will benefit your business. A study revealed that waiters that followed up with a second set of mints after bringing customers their cheque increased average tips by 23%. A waiter that only provided one set of mints received an average of 7% fewer tips that those that did. (Journal of Applied Social Psychology). If you make the effort you will see results.

Offer a better service over a speedy service

Price is no longer the leading characteristic when people choose and stay with a business. A customer is 4 times more likely to go to your competitor is your problem is service-related rather than price or product related. (Bain and Company)

Always remember them

If you deal face to face or over the phone with a customer you must remember their name. You will form a relationship with the customer and the bond will be harder to break resulting in an increase in loyal customers. Send them emails with their name in the subject line and show them you remember when speaking to them.

Tell them the benefits, not the cost

Customers don’t care if you have 6 businesses, 40,000 customers and fancy company cars. As long as they receive a good service and clearly know how you can benefit them or their business they will use your service or buy your product. On your website state the benefits, they will receive and when selling to them repeat the same process.

Surprise them

If it’s their birthday, anniversary or they have been with your company for a particular length or time, surprise them. If you offer them more than expected you will again build a relationship that is hard to break and to lose to your competitors.


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