5 top blogs from 2016


During a highly eventful 2016, our team have published some brilliant blogs. From clicks, comments, and shares, we’ve put together our top 5 – check them out below.

1. How’s your work life balance?

From the 3rd to the 7th of October it was Work Life Week – a week which promotes the balance between work and home life. We asked how your work life balance was and dispelled some myths
associated with working late.

2. You can have your office anywhere

This blog was put together by our CEO, Reuben Singh. In what’s a great read for entrepreneurs, Reuben talks about the importance of having a presence and how advances in technology have made it easier than ever.

3. Nothing will ever replace the human voice

A subject very close to the hearts of the alldayPA team. As providers of a human service, we understand the importance of authentic interaction and the positive effect it can have on your business. This blog looks at how nothing can replace the human voice.

4. Virtual Office: Adding value for alldayPA members

2016 saw the launch of the Virtual Office. If you’re a member of alldayPA, this piece shows the advantages of using our Virtual Office.

5. Over 40’s should work a 3 day week – here’s how to do it

Back in August, the big news was the over 40’s should work 3 days a week. It was quite the topic online, with many news outlets picking up on the story. Our team looked at how alldayPA can help you slim down your working week.

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