5 Ways the Digital World Can Benefit New Businesses


Setting up a successful new business has never been easy, and these days there’s more to consider than bricks and mortar, because you’ve got to establish and maintain your online presence as well.

Breaking into the online market entails a lot of hard work, perseverance and experimentation, but it’s all worth it in the end. Here are five examples of how the digital world can significantly benefit your business:

1. Having an attractive and user-friendly website can convey brand prestige

A potential customer is far more likely to trust you if they enjoy a smooth user experience on your website. Think about your own behaviour when you research products and services online – would an ugly, confusing or slow website put you off a company? Of course it would.

Your website needs to ooze quality – both on the surface and underneath it. Sleek design and logical layout are nothing without mobile-responsiveness and fast page-loading. Your site has to offer it all.

Try to remember that a good website doesn’t come cheap. You’ll need to invest and reinvest in it.

2. Creating and publishing insightful content can position you as an authority within your field

Many people use the internet to look for ways in which to solve particular problems. They’re looking for information – for answers to their questions.

If you create informative and entertaining content, you will stand a much better chance of gaining the trust of your target audience. Effective content formats include:

  • Blog posts (which should either be thought-provoking, question-answering or problem-solving)
  • Data-driven reports (containing your own research and statistics)
  • Comprehensive guides and whitepapers on specific topics
  • Instructional or educational videos

3. Organic social media activity can improve your brand’s visibility

You might already have Twitter and Facebook accounts set up, but are you using them properly? Many businesses unwisely view social media as a chore. Don’t be one of those businesses.

Social media is a massive marketing opportunity that you need to capitalise on. If you implement a solid strategy, you will be more likely to engage your target customers and drive them to your website.

It’s not that complicated: just share your fantastic content across your social media channels. Then share it again. And again. And again. But don’t just regurgitate your previous posts – vary the wording each time (i.e. don’t just copy-and-paste the same tweet over and over, because that looks spammy and lazy).

There is no one-size-fits-all social media strategy; yours will depend largely on the nature of your business and also on the habits and preferences of your target audience. But as long as you post content that is relevant to your customers, using their language, and at the times of day when they’re most active on social media, you should find that it works well for you.

4. Paid social media activity can help you reach new relevant customers and target specific demographics

Once you’ve established an organic social media presence and you’ve figured out what sorts of posts your customers are engaging with, you should then start to explore the possibilities of paid social media.

What is paid social? It’s where you pay to promote your content (i.e. adverts), and you can do it on all the big social channels: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest.

Why should you use paid social when you can also post for free? Because paid social allows you to target your posts towards specific demographics – like your typical customer persona(s).

5. Local-search optimisation can maximise your online visibility in your geographic area

Many internet users want to find local businesses when they search for products and services online. For example, if you want a solicitor and you’re based in the Manchester area, you’ll probably want that solicitor to also be locally based. The same goes for plumbers, joiners, IT repairs and many more.

Unfortunately, you won’t automatically have online visibility within your local area – you’ll need to undergo local-search optimisation (AKA local SEO) to ensure that you are.

alldayPA: Aiding the Smooth Running of Your Business

Although conquering the online world is essential, your company will also need to retain its human element (quite literally) – and that’s where we come in.

With a successful website your business will be open 24/7, and people will want to talk to you at various times of the day – that’s just how it is nowadays. At alldayPA, we offer expert call-answering services that can be customised to fit your requirements, including 24-hour customer-service lines that are perfect for online businesses. All of our PAs are friendly customer-service specialists who know how to talk to people.

By outsourcing to us, your customer service will be in safe hands, and you will able to concentrate on expanding your business and building your reputation.

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