5 Ways To Build A Business People Love


Starting a business can be challenging and trying to build a business people love can be challenging. Entrepreneurs are faced with a low success rate with only 50% making it through the first 5 years of trading. With more than 5.4 million small businesses in the UK, how can new businesses ensure that they are beating their competition and staying ahead of the market? The secret is getting the basics right before trying anything else. Ensure the following 5 steps are followed and embedded in any business.

1. Keep it fun

Just because it’s a business doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Some of the most successful business pride themselves on their working environment and have tried to make them as fun and creative as possible to engage the minds of their employees. There are cheaper and easier ways to keep a business fun. Ways include getting involved in events, fundraising, dress down days, team bonding days and getting customers involved. The business will build a positive and proactive image that may stand out from competition in the market.

2. Treat people like humans

Treating customers like human beings and not like customers can make a huge difference to a business. Nurturing customers from day one, getting to know them on a personal level and forming a professional relationship will lead to more referrals and reviews.

3. Make sure they want to be there

When building a team, making sure that the chosen few representing the business are the correct people. This will make a huge difference. Employees are the face and representation of any business. If they are enthusiastic and have integrity so will the business.

4. Support, support, support

Offering support to both customers and employees is vital. Customer service should be offered 24 hours a day. If a consumer has invested time and money in a product or service, pre and post purchase support should be available for them to access whenever needed. Employees should also be supported throughout their daily work life. In some cases, employees spend more time at work than they do at home. For this reason, and more they should feel comfortable and supported in the role they are carrying out for a business.

5. Do something different

Companies that make an impression last longer. Offering a high-quality service and differentiating from competition leads to more sales. Businesses need to go from growth to the established stage to be successful. Offering more than the customer expected is a great way of doing so. Outsourcing extra support for a business is an effective solution. Customers will be able to get through to any business 24 hours a day.


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