5 Ways to Build Customer Trust

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5 Ways to Build Customer Trust

Building trust with your customers takes time and effort. It’s a fine balancing act, as you need to show great professionalism, personality, authenticity and integrity – all at the same time.

It might seem daunting at first; however, if you follow these five simple techniques, you’ll have the best chance to earn your customers’ respect and trust.

1. Show integrity

Showing integrity is fundamental. Be transparent, respectful and professional at all times. People trust honest, authentic brands that show they have their customers’ best interests at heart.

It’s also wise not to withhold any bad news or mistakes – the client will eventually find out and feel betrayed. If there was an oversight, admit your mistake and rectify it immediately. You will likely gain the customer’s respect.

2. Be yourself

Although you undeniably have your own agenda when speaking to a prospective or existing customer, try to be yourself at all times. Be authentic and don’t use jargon or hide behind corporate speak – your client will easily pick up on this and might get defensive.

Speak freely and let your personality shine through. This will give you the best chance to connect with the customer.

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3. Establish a two-way conversation

It is also key to engage your clients in a two-way conversation. Show interest in them and the business they work for. Make small talk meaningful and, if possible, make friends with them.

You should make an effort to listen for at least half the time. Keep your questions open and let the client speak – you’ll soon identify their priorities and pain points. Build on them and try to be as helpful as possible.

4. Never promise what you can’t deliver

It might be tempting to oversell your product or service when you’re under pressure to hit big targets. However, overpromising is never a good idea. In fact, it’s a sure-fire way to lose a client.

Pitch the product that is most likely to satisfy the client’s requirements and make sure it’s a good fit. Once the customer has committed to your company, do your absolute best to deliver what you promised. This is probably the best way to increase customer trust and loyalty.

5. Be consistent

Customers expect good quality and consistent service. They also find it easier to speak to someone who is consistent in their approach, tone and behaviour. Try to be consistent in your communication with your customers – they’ll know what to expect and they’ll react positively to all communications.

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Providing excellent customer service plays a key role in building customer trust. If you need help handling your calls, our fully trained PAs are here to help with anything, from basic reception calls to customer complaints. We operate as if we are part of your business, and every call is handled just the way you request. Find out more by giving us a call on 0345 056 8888, or email us at enquiries@alldaypa.com.

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