6 Easy Ways To Boost Your Company’s Productivity

The relationship between productivity and profit is simple: the more productive you are, the more money you make (in crude terms).

A recent report from the Office of National Statistics highlighted the productivity of each of the G7 countries in 2012. The report shows that output per hour in the UK was 21% lower than average for the rest of the G7 industrialised economies. With UK employees’ productivity also falling 25% behind the average, how can you boost your productivity levels and improve profits?

1. Plan your day

The first thing you should do at the start of your day, or even at the end of the last, is plan what work has to be completed. Having a list will help visualise your tasks and organise them in order of deadlines, importance and do-ability. You will be able to keep track of the tasks you’ve completed without losing track of what you have left to do. simple, but effective.

2. You must prioritize

If you prioritize the most important jobs that need to be completed first then you will have time to focus on less pressing tasks yet still be ahead of schedule. Knowing you have achieved your main goals for each day will give you a sense of accomplishment, rather than blind panic at the ever-increasing list of things to do.

3. Delegate jobs

Make sure you’ve got the right people on the right jobs. Everyone has their strengths, so making sure that the correct people are working to their strength will make your team stronger and improve overall productivity. It will also help boost morale as everyone likes to work to their strengths, especially when they are singled out for doing so.

4. Take a break

If you feel a lapse in your concentration levels or you feel the quality of your work is slipping, it’s time to take a break. Get back into that positive frame of mind to become more productive and achieve more for the rest of the day. It’s all about the long-game!

5. Don’t procrastinate

Cease being a slave to your technology. If you know that you have a habit of browsing social media sites when you should be working, simply shut them down. You can download tools like Self Control to help you block out the distractions entirely. This app lets you enter the amount of time you want to block out social media and your computer will simply not let you access it.

That way, once you’ve finished the task at hand, you can reward yourself with a good dose of Facebook stalking.

6. Check your progress

At the end of the day see how you have got on. Check off everything you got finished on your list from the start of the day. This sense of accomplishment will help you see the impact you’re having every day.

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