Team Building: 6 Great Ideas For Small Businesses

team building

We’ve all heard about team building trips that went badly wrong – you might have even been on one if you ever worked for a big company. Often they’ll be recounted like horror stories about having to go and spend a weekend in the rain and being forced into a raft building competition with Karen from finance.

The fact is though while this Bear Grylls style of team building isn’t strictly necessary– team building in itself is an excellent idea. And what’s more, it’s not just for big corporate businesses.

If you’re a small business with only a handful of staff you could benefit from spending a few days each year doing some team building.

Here’s why.

Improve staff satisfaction

We’ve already discussed how better staff satisfaction can keep staff motivated and improve productivity. It’s only common sense that your staff are going to be happier if they get along with the people they work with.

By taking staff on team building events it gives them the opportunity to get to know each other outside of the office environment. As your team get to know each other’s likes, dislikes, hobbies and families they’ll get a sense of each other as real 3D personalities, and not just people at work.

While your staff don’t have to be best friends (after all it’s unlikely they’ll have exactly the same interests) the more they get to know each other the more relaxed they’ll be, and generally happier they’ll be at work.

This will increase staff retention and improve productivity.

Improve communication

If there’s one things that it’s important for any business to have it’s good communication. Good communication will improve efficiency, productivity, and arguably most importantly, reduce mistakes.

One of the best ways to improve communication in any business is through team building.

A lot of traditional team building activities are tasks that involve working together, and that’s because these tasks help people to learn to communicate with each other. The better your team can communicate with each other, the better they’ll be able to work together.

But you don’t have to go on those traditional wilderness weekend team building trips to improve your staff’s communication. Simple social activities after work like going for a meal or going bowling will give your team the chance to spend more time together, bond, and learn to communicate with each other better.

In time this will help your team work better together, and reduce the amount of mistakes made due to bad communication.

Our top team building ideas

One of the benefits when it comes to team building as a small business is it’s much cheaper, and there are considerably more options for places you can take your team. Here are some of the best ones:

  • Go ApeGo Ape is more like one of those traditional team building events – lots of fresh air and adventure – but with sites all over the country there’s no need for it to turn into a full weekend excursion. One of the best aspects of Go Ape is that as well as building the team, it makes people challenge themselves and face their fears, both of which will help them to perform better in the workplace.
  • TrackDays – There are a few different kinds of track days you can take your team on. It can be as simple as go karting right up to driving some of the world’s most expensive supercars. Track days are good because not only do they encourage a bit of friendly competition, they require your team to listen and learn from the instructors if they want to get the best time.
  • Escape Rooms – Escape room games have popped up in a number of different cities in recent years, with Breakout being one of the most popular. With an escape room game you and your team are left in a room with seemingly no way out, and you must work together to find clues and solve puzzles to escape. It’s a great team building activity because it requires your team to work together and think outside the box to succeed.
  • Inflatable Assault Course – Are your team fans of Total Wipeout, and Ninja Warrior? Well you can bring the challenge to you with an inflatable assault course. There are a number of companies right here in the UK that specialise in bringing fun assault courses to your next team building event, with It’s a Knockout being one of the best.
  • Bowling Night – Every town has got a bowling alley, and it can make a great venue for a team building evening. Bowling is a great back to basics night out, and after a couple of drinks and a laugh about the funny shoes, your team will be getting on like a house on fire. Turn up the competition with a prize for the highest score, and you can have an affordable night out that will really bring your team together.
  • Office Parties – That’s right – even an old school office party can be a great team building exercise. If you embrace the naffness with some 70’s music and cocktail sausages on sticks it’s a really affordable way to have some fun. And don’t just wait for Christmas or for a leaving do – find reasons to have a little bash every few months. You could even fit one into your dinner hour. It’s an easy way to create a good atmosphere on your team.

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