A Lesson In Customer Service From The Lorax

At the far end of Endeavour Street
where the rain always downpours sleet,
and the wind, when it blows, smells bitter-sweet,
and no sound can be heard excepting ghastly crows tweet..
Is the Industry Park of the Soar Lorax.

And deep in the Trickle-ground, some people say,
if you look hard enough you can still see, today,
where the Lorax stood mighty tall,
for as long as his loyal customers could call..
Until, that is, his customers suddenly disappeared.

Who was the Lorax? And why was he there?
And why did his customers disappear somewhere,
far away from the bitter-sweetness and ghastly crows?
The Old Grumplier still lives here. Ask him. He knows.
You won’t hear the Grumplier. Don’t ring his telephone.

He stays in his office, on top of a tiresome house.
He stays on his computer, clicking away on his mouse,
coming up with cunning plans and devious deeds,
typing away, he continues to chase dead customer leads,
found from ancient copies of the Yellow Pages.

Sometimes at quarter-hour-to-dawn, the Old Grumplier will peek
out of his office blinds. And when he does, he is willing to speak,
and tell why the Lorax customers went away.
He’ll tell you perhaps if you’re willing to pay..
The telling amount of one phone call.

When you pay him in full, he will go to hide,
for the troublesome secrets, you’re going to find,
are for your ears and your ears alone.
He will groan and whisper through a tin-string-phone,
why the Lorax customers went away.

“Now I’ll tell you”, he says, with his words sounding slack,
“I’ll tell you what happened along time ago, way back..
When the sun was always shining bright,
and when the hummingbirds sung songs of alight,
and customers were always filled with delight.

One morning, I stumbled across this glorious Industry Park,
to which, I first saw those customers! Those loyal customers!
Those happy-go-lucky customers could be seen,
for miles around, packed and sardine.
Oh, what a wonderful scene to be seen!

I noticed the employees working hard around the place,
each with a big painted smile on their face.
But those customers! Those loyal customers!
All my life I have been searching for customers like these,
my heart was filled with joy – understand, please!

I knew what to do. I used all my wiseness,
and in no time at all, I had built up a small business.
Through word-of-mouth, news on my discounted prices spread far,
and soon the customers were knocking on my door,
shopping, spending, and wanting more.

Their loyal custom allowed me to buy big,
and in one year time I owned the whole rig..
Every business in Industry Park was mine,
but, unfortunately, that was the end of the line
as each customer began to take to flight.

I thought: business is business, and business must grow.
Who needs customers when you have the whole show?
But one day a man of some sought,
appeared at the last business I had bought.
Describe him? That’s hard. I don’t know if I can.

He was small. He was thin. He had facial hair above his chin.
He spoke with an angry tone and a frightening grin.
Mister! He said, looking like he wanted to be elsewhere,
I am the Lorax. I speak for the customers welfare.
And you have forced every customer out of Industry Park.

The Lorax said, Sir! You’re crazy with greed,
there was no way on earth your business will succeed.
I speak for customers, for their needs have been ignored
and I’m telling you, sir, you’re off the board.
Customers need a real human customer experience.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
nothing is going to improve, no, it’s not..
A good customer service is central to all the best
companies. The entirety of your business needs to be addressed..
As you have forgotten customers are human too.”

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