Anywhere Working Could Save The Economy Billions

‘ANYWHERE working’ software and practices could save the UK economy £45.3bn in lost productivity every year, a Microsoft expert has said.

Speaking at an exclusive event to showcase its flexible ‘anywhere working’ products to North West businesses Daniel Langton said the London Olympics had shown that flexible working patterns were successful.

“The nature of the Olympics was a chance for employees to try something different, said Mr Langton, Microsoft’s small and medium-sized business marketing manager. “Companies have latched on to the benefits of that.”

Mr Langton told the audience that it has been estimated that as well as saving companies an estimated £45.3bn in productivity, anywhere working could reduce absenteeism by a further £3.2bn a year.

The teach-in session was held in association with the GrowthAccelerator programme and hosted by the Manchester office of accountants Grant Thornton – a GrowthAcccelerator delivery partner.

He also claimed that employees clogging up roads trying to get to and from offices during peak congestion hours cost UK plc £8bn a year.

“Ten years ago anywhere working seemed to be something only big businesses were interested in doing,” Mr Langton said. “Today, it’s another tool in a company’s armoury to be as flexible and cost effective as possible.”

Mr Langton explained how the office was becoming more of a meeting ‘hub’ for employees as technology continues to develop, allowing staff to work via ‘cloud’ technology at the home or in a cafe.

He also said that evidence showed that those allowed to work flexibly felt more of a commitment and affinity to their organisation and that there was often a more positive effect on employee productivity.

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