Are You In Need Of A Digital Detox?

Lots of people need a break but not everyone takes one.

You work hard all year round. You work to keep your business afloat and awash with customers. You work for someone else’s business to keep on top of your workload and ahead of your schedule. You work for clients, with colleagues and deal with deadlines every day of the year. But it’s all worth it when you breathe a sigh of relief, dust off your passport and don your best sandal-sock combination for your annual summer holiday.

Until recently, jetting off has always meant switching off. Work was left behind at the office along with worries and stress. But now it seems like more and more of us are finding it increasingly difficult to leave the real world behind.

Figures show that a vast majority of UK workers are taking their devices on holiday with us in anticipation of work-related activity. Although 65% of us have tried to have a digital-free holiday, one in three of these attempts crumbles with 70% of us checking our emails while we’re away.

Does the idea of taking a work-free holiday fill you with stress or with glee? When 33% of us try to keep up with work on holiday just so we don’t feel left behind when we return, perhaps a digital-free holiday is more stress than it’s worth?

Not with alldayPA. Our call handling services can help keep you on top of your workload without having to worry about engaging with unnecessary concerns while you’re away. We’ll handle your calls while you handle the sun and surf. Relax, safe in the knowledge that all your calls will be taken care of while you enjoy a well-deserved break.

Take full advantage of your next holiday by letting alldayPA answer your calls while you’re away. Get peace of mind and rest assured that you will never miss a call.

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