Bake-Off Winners Make Off With Awards

Last Friday, we hosted the first UK-Based Telephone Answering Service Bake-Off in support of the Dystonia Society and our charity partners for 2014/15.

The day was a huge success!

We saw lots of great entries from call centre staff and the team in head office. Those who didn’t bake still played their part, buying up slice after slice of chocolate cakes, cheese cakes, coffee cakes and apple tarts.


But, as much as everyone made an effort, this was still a competition. Painstakingly mulling over each mouthful, Charlotte and Robyn volunteered for the strenuous task as Bake-Off Judges. After much deliberation, they awarded the following prizes:

Star Baker

Without question, Star Baker had to be awarded to Star PA Gail Warren whose minion cake was so life-like it was almost too sad to cut into (we managed though).

Earning herself a permanent place in the alldayPA Hall Of Fame, we have to say a huge thank you to Gail who is rumoured to have stayed up until 4am the night before adding the final details to his stitching (he has stitching!)

Gail Warren - Star Baker

Second Minion cake

Tastiest Cake

We had to resort to blind testing for this, as the competition boiled down to our Customer Service Queen Laura Forrester and All-Star PA, Cassie Spinks-Lewis. Several helpful tasters were brought in to make an independent decision about tastiest cake but in the end it was awarded to Cassie’s malteaser-y cupcakes.

Cassie certificate

Cupcake right way up

Ugliest Cake

Hands-down, this award belonged to PA Krista whose toilet bowl… speaks for itself.

Krista certificate

Ugy cake 21.08.14

Worst Cake

As hard as he tried, Graphic Designer Tom’s vegan creation (he got upset when we called it an “abomination”) simply wouldn’t bind. It seemed to continue separating throughout the day. Though the judges insisted that it “tastes a lot better than it looks,” they simply could not think of anyone more deserving of Worst Baker.

Thank you so much, Tom, for making us all look good.

Tom and cake

Tom's cake

Thank you

We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who took part.

We managed to raise £116.53 as well as awareness for the little-known disorder, Dystonia.

This money will be added to a pot and split between all our Charity Partners this year:

The Dystonia Society | Manchester Royal Children’s Hospital | MedEquip4Kids | Pancreatic Cancer UK | Huntington’s Disease Association | Barnardo’s | Mustard Tree | Bowel Cancer UK | Parkinson’s UK

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