Best 7 Customer Service Blogs To Follow This Year

If, like most UK businesses, you are turning your attention back to your customers in 2014, you’ll want to keep up to date with key trends, expert insights and general opinion. Here is our list of the Top 7 Customer Service Blogs to follow in 2014, in order to stay up to date with what your customers expect from you.

1 Shep Hyken

Shep Hyken is arguably the ultimate customer service guru. Stylised the Chief Amazement Officer at his own company, Shepard Presentations, Hyken is a blogger, best-selling author and key note speaker.

A great feature of Hyken’s blog is his weekly Top 5 List, in which he includes the best blog posts pertaining to customer service on the web that week. He writes readable, entertaining material, incorporating anecdotes from his own personal experiences both as an expert in the customer service industry, and as a customer himself. No Best-Of list for customer service blogs would be complete without Hyken.

2 Get Satisfaction Blog

For stories, anecdotes, quotes from industry leaders and analysis of trends, head to the Get Satisfaction Blog. This blog is on the wavelength of small business owners, focusing on the ever-important question of engagement, how to keep customers coming back, and overall customer experience.

Down-to-earth, regularly updated and brimming with fresh ideas, the Get Satisfaction blog is a great place to look as a small business owner.

3 Return Customer

Aiming to do what it says on the tin, the Return Customer blog not only offers customer service advice, but also has sections dedicated to marketing, business practices, communication and e-commerce tips. Offering new ideas and spins on old concepts, the Return customer blog takes a human approach to customer experience, which is the best approach for SMEs and corporates alike.

4 Vertical Response

Vertical Response view customer service in a more pragmatic way, seeing it as a necessary component of any business’s marketing campaign. It explores why customer experience should be on the top of any business owner’s priorities and outlines simple, effective strategies for you to engage with your customers.

5 CRM Daily

For technical insights and up-to-date news pieces, CRM Daily provides medium-sized business owners with information on the issues that their corporate counterparts are turning their attention to. Useful also as a resource for marketing strategists, CRM Daily is in-depth, no-nonsense and a valuable resource for any business owner.

6 LinkedIn’s Customer Service Channel

Regularly updated by industry leaders, the Customer Service Channel brings you a diverse range of articles focused on a wide variety of topics, from the more technically intense, to soft skills and the impact of customer experience on your bottom line.

The comments also provide a great resource as other professionals, business owners and observers share their thoughts, critique the article and each other. If you like a good discussion, get yourself on LinkedIn!

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