Black Friday 2016 – Is Your Business Prepared?


Get ready for Black Friday – November 25th 2016

In just a few years Black Friday has grown from a post-Thanksgivings Day sale in the retail parks of America, to a global phenomenon causing scenes of pandemonium around the world. This year the day of reckoning comes on November 25th, which leaves only one question – Is your business ready for Black Friday?

There will be record sales on Black Friday 2016

According to leading ecommerce consultancy Salmon, the 5 days starting from Thursday the 24th of November through to “Cyber Monday” on the 28th will see record sales in Britain with an estimated online spend of £5bn. Last year, Salmon accurately predicted Black Friday 2015 as the UK’s first £1bn shopping day so they have good form when it comes to predicting trends over this frantic shopping season.

As well as providing the UK with its first £1bn shopping day, Black Friday 2015 marked another tipping point in UK retail, as it was the first Black Friday that saw the UK public choose online shopping as their preferred way to pick up a deal. Despite the massive sales last year, footfall in shops actually fell as people chose to shop online. As Salmon themselves note “that’s a remarkable turnaround within 12 months when Black Friday 2014 witnessed huge instore footfall, and near riots break out in various stores across the country”.

Is your business ready for a Black Friday traffic spike?

The estimated £5bn online spend this year suggests that once again shoppers will favour curling up on the sofa with their laptop over going into battle in a supermarket car park. While this is good news for online retailers, it should also be a cause for concern as huge spikes in internet traffic and call volumes threaten to derail small ecommerce businesses. Now is the time to prepare your business for Black Friday 2016 so you can maximise your profits when the time comes.

How to maximise profits with telephone answering

One of the most effective, and easiest ways to prepare your business for Black Friday is to use telephone answering from alldayPA. The growth of online sales in recent years has also caused a dramatic increase in calls into online retailers on Black Friday. This is due to people calling in to make sure their order has been received, or to check the details of the items on offer prior to making a purchase. At alldayPA we can handle these calls for you.

Unlike other telephone answering services we do more than just take a message. We can create custom scripts for your business including answering customer FAQs, making us an effective outsourced customer service department. We can even take payment from your client’s in our FCA accredited call centre. Last year we took orders worth £350,000 for one client alone on Black Friday. This year it could be you.

Contact us today to find out more about how alldayPA can answer your calls on Black Friday.

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