What Would Be Your Brand’s Parody Slogan?

Lego 12.2.14You have seen the article, have you not, that gives well-known brands a good dressing-down for what their slogans should “really” be?

If you haven’t seen it, you can check it out here.

It’s good for a laugh. Mostly because it makes you think, “That’s so true!”

These are house-hold brands. Brands like Ben and Jerry’s, Ikea and even Monopoly are featured on the list and readers acknowledge and empathise with well-known, shared experiences. For instance, Lego’s The Bane Of Your Foot’s Existence is something almost everyone can relate to, young or old, man or woman, Lego-lover or not.

So what is it that people say about your brand?

They might not have made a blog post about it, but you can bet that they’re already saying it. What is it that people are saying about you? What would be parodied about your service?

It’s not a case of making fun of a company who is bad at what it does. No matter how good your service is, how unique and desirable your products, or how competitive your prices, there is always something that is worthy of parody. And this is a compliment.

Aldi and Jack Wills, for example, represent two sides of the same coin. One is made the butt of the joke about cheap prices and own-brand, non-luxury items, whereas the other is renowned for its favour with ‘posh’ or ‘rah’ young people.

These stereotypes are not negative – necessarily. In fact, they cement the brand’s relevance in today’s culture. These brands mean something to everyone. The message they send has been received, understood and parodied. But it is also loved. Young, affluent people love to wear clothes made by retailers like Jack Wills in the same way that Aldi appeals to anyone and everyone from the price-conscious family to the bargain-hunting student.

What shared experiences do people have when they deal with your brand?

These parody slogans are a testimony to these brands’ wide-reaching appeal, resonating message and their abilities to stand the test of time (Lego and Monopoly especially).

The parodies may point to holes in the plan or little character flaws, but that’s what makes them so loveable and endearing. (After all, it isn’t Lego’s fault that you can’t tidy it away!)

What is it that makes your brand unique? What is it about your service that all your customers would resoundingly say, “That’s so true!” Can you pin-point the shared experience that all your customers enjoy and some might find funny?

This could even be an opportunity to improve your service (though of course Gillette was not spared for their constant efforts to improve theirs by seemingly constantly adding blades!) If you don’t like what your customers may find funny about you, then change it. Improve your service or invest more in your product.

Ask your customers

We’re throwing the floor open. Do you have an account with alldayPA? How would you parody our service?

Please let us know! We want to know how our service is perceived by customers and where it needs to be improved. We’d also love to hear what you think your customers might say about the unique experience created by your service.

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