Build A Successful Business

The challenge facing you and your new business is just that: it’s new. You haven’t quite figured out yet what will and what won’t work for you. What makes a successful entrepreneur? You know social media’s big, but how can you use it to get ahead?


First, you must believe in your idea. The most successful entrepreneurs believe in themselves. Self-determination is an essential tool when starting a new business. You need to believe in your idea, product or service, to encourage others to believe it. When you trust your instincts, and it pays off, you will garner respect amongst your peers, and climb the success ladder.

Don’t over-expect

For entrepreneur, Brad Sugars, it is always best to overestimate costs, and underestimate revenue. This way, you can prepare yourself with what might be undesirable information, before you see results, before you’re faced with it in reality. This allows you to plan ahead for a range of outcomes.


Marketing and social media are key platforms for getting your products and services out there, and getting people talking about them. Thought leaders in business agree that the nature of marketing is changing

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