UK Businesses Need To Improve Customer Service

Scottish Power has been ranked the worst firm for customer service in a poll commissioned by watchdog Which? The company received the lowest rating of 100 brands in the annual customer service survey of 3,500 consumers.

The gas and electricity provider came last in the ratings of 100 brands scoring a disappointing 59 out of 100 for the way it has treated customers over the last year. The firm was labelled to have “useless service and unhelpful standardised replies” with complaints ranging from “being left hanging on the phone” to “billing problems”.

However, Scottish Power was not the only company to grade badly in customer service. The consumer survey found energy and telecoms providers to be the companies rated the worst when it comes to customer service.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

The Ratings Which? Gave Some Of Britain’s Biggest Firms

The graph above shows the top 6 poor customer service performers. Npower just missed the bottom slot with a satisfaction rating of only 61 percent, followed by BT (63 percent), TalkTalk (64 percent), Vodafone (66 percent) and Ryanair (66 percent).

The consumers surveyed explained their animosity clearly, ranking the lowest brands for disloyalty, inflexibility and long waits, all of which made customers feel like an annoyance.

Which? executive Richard Lloyd said: “Long-suffering customers deserve better, as once again essential services that we all rely on have been caught falling down on how they treat people. Make your customers seethe and you will pay the price.”

Top Customer Service Complaints

The biggest customer service complaint for UK consumers were overseas call centres. Which? found almost 46 percent of people were irritated by call centres based outside the UK.

A further 36 percent dislike automated phone systems and 32 percent said being passed around different people when calling a company annoyed them.

Richard Lloyd said: “Call centres and telephone systems are the biggest customer service gripes by far. Firms need to up their game. Those that don’t give customers the care and attention they deserve risk losing out to their competitors.”

Customer Service A Competitive Edge

According to research published by First Direct earlier this year, inadequate customer service is costing UK businesses £7.7 billion a year in lost business. Banks, broadband, energy and mobile phone service providers fail to reach acceptable standards, with banks missing out on £2.3 billion as savers switch accounts due to negative experiences.

Customers are the most important asset to your company and looking after them is essential to your success. When you outsource your customer service to a call answering service, you tap into real expertise from people who live and breathe customer relations management.

Whether inbound or outbound, verbal or written, outsourcing your customer service to professionals gives your company a competitive edge which is vital for growth and success.

Can We Help You?

By itself, customer service is too much to handle unless you’re a large organisation with well-defined sections in your facility. Outsourcing customer service can allow for your company to take care of your core competencies while customers are professionally and satisfactorily dealt with.

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