Call Answering: Poetry In Motion

The alarm goes off in the morning
And I’m out before the sun
In the car on the way to work
Hoping to beat the school rush mums

Sign in and say hi to my colleagues
Make a coffee and go to my desk
Log in and check my emails
Find out any changes of text

Wondering what today’s calls will bring
A mixture that’s for sure
One thing I like in this job
A variety will never bore

Always the sales call, sure to annoy
Most members and PAs too
When instructed by some of our customers
We get rid, without being rude

Some people are very cross when they call
They genuinely feel aggrieved
We try to help them, calm them down
Hoping a solution can be achieved

Then there are the opposite calls
They’re so grateful for the service
They thank you for your time and help
Saying before, they’d been so nervous

Some calls are short, but others long
With requests simple or complicated
Trying to do my best for everyone
But sometimes a bit frustrated

Those who are upset, crying or scared
Are the calls I find hardest of all
I really want to comfort them
But can only promptly pass on the call

Now the end of my shift is here
And the final call is done
I’ve reviewed all the calls in my mind
Knowing the day’s been won


Telephone Answering Service


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