Call Centre Background Noise – How To Make Your SME Appear Larger

Clips surfacing on You Tube and SoundCloud providing the listener with call centre noises are designed to create an impression of largeness. People in smaller companies can play them any time they receive a call, intentionally trying to fool their callers into thinking that their company is much larger than it actually is.

There are other ways to create this impression without resorting to such last-ditch attempts!

Call handling

You could actually enlist a call handling service, for one. These virtual switchboard services allow you to distance yourself from your business as and when you need to, and will take your calls on your behalf. This not only makes your life easier by immediately decreasing the volume of calls you have to take personally, but it also creates a larger-than-life professional image.

Your SME appears bigger because your call is actually being handled by a professional telephone answering service in your name. Not to mention, you can’t be caught out by your background noise video ending before your call does!

Professional phone number

Handing out your home phone number, or your mobile gives the game away. If you’re trying to create an impression of largeness, registering your business with a different number is a way of doing this. Some call handling services will provide you with this for free. If your business has a local focus, choose your local area code. If you’re aiming nation-wide, pick an 0845 non-geographic number, for a more corporate appearance.

Professional email

The same, of course, could be said for your email address. Drop the generic Hotmail or Gmail account for something more business-oriented.

Social media

Utilise these online resources. Social media provides businesses of all sizes with a space to market their services, and interact and engage with customers. You can give your business a professional veneer, while interacting with your clients as people.

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