Call Centre & Telephone Answering – Infographic

The Relationship Between The Customer And The Call Centre (Infographic)

Customer service is something that every business should want to get right and one of the key ways customers choose to get in contact with a business is via the telephone.  The infographic above reveals customer service and phone answering statistics that are sure to shock and surprise…

The Relationship Between The Customer And The Call Centre

Customers Won’t Wait On Hold

Recent research has revealed that hold times are letting businesses down in terms of their customer service offerings on the telephone. The survey revealed that British people have just a six minute threshold whist waiting on hold in a call centre queue before becoming angry and hanging up. The French are even less patient when it comes to call centre queues, losing their temper after just five minutes on hold. The consequences of keeping your customers on hold can be massive for any business, with four out of five people admitting to have lost their patience and hung up whilst waiting in a call centre queue.

Even more worrying, a quarter of people surveyed admitted to terminating a contract or service with a company who has kept them waiting on hold for too long. Six in ten customers say they have ditched a company all together because its telephone customer service has been so awful and 62% of UK consumers have cancelled a service because of poor service on the telephone.

The Telephone vs. Social Media

You may believe that telephone customer service is no longer that important, however a recent survey tells otherwise. It was revealed that despite the rise in social media such as Twitter and Facebook, telephone contact is still the favourite method for UK consumers to get in touch with a business with 64% of respondents preferring to communicate with a company by phone and just 28% choosing email and 4% choosing Twitter.

The Worst Offenders

Amongst those companies who were tested, energy companies did the worst. Southern Electric kept one caller waiting almost half an hour, with an overall average wait time of 6 minutes and 4 seconds – over the average 6 minute threshold British people are willing to wait on hold. E.on came out with the longest hold waiting time at over 58 minutes and 17 seconds and an average hold time of over 10 minutes.

Automated Services

Businesses may see using automated answering services as one way to overcome the above issues, but research has shown that automated phone services give the biggest headache of all automated services.

55% of people said utility companies using automated phone systems was the most annoying automated service, closely followed by 51% of people saying telecoms companies using automated phone services gave them a headache and 43% choosing bank automated phone systems. Other annoyances included self-service checkouts (26%), text message car park paying systems (12%), online tax returns (9%) and travel phone and online booking systems (8%).

Telephone Answering Service

With all of this in mind, businesses wishing to succeed in their customer service should avoid using automated phone systems and keeping their customers on hold for delayed periods of time. If you need help providing great customer service on the telephone, speak to alldayPA about their telephone answering service.

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