Don’t Compete For Customers: Let Your Customers Do Your Competing For You

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When Is It Time For Your SME To Start Exporting?

In recent months, emphasis has fallen on the value of small business exporting their products and services overseas. It culminated with Export Week promoted by UK Trade and Investment, in which many SMEs were encouraged to attend seminars and hear speakers on…

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5 Ways To Scare Your Competition

In business, competition can be ruthless. You want to make sure you come out on top, leading with the highest number of sales, getting the best clients and making sure the best reputation precedes you. Not only do you want to be…

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What Would Be Your Brand’s Parody Slogan?

You have seen the article, have you not, that gives well-known brands a good dressing-down for what their slogans should “really” be? If you haven’t seen it, you can check it out here. It’s good for a laugh. Mostly because it makes…

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