When It Comes to Business – Is Age Nothing but a Number?

“Age is nothing but a number” is a motto which we’re all too familiar with, a motto which advocates that we’re only as old as we feel and a motto which we all have different opinions upon. Although the adage is often used to reference the older-younger dating scene, the torch of judgement is still often passed through the business scene; blazing oblivious bootstraps and start-ups on it’s journey.

This hidden scrutiny becomes startlingly apparent when applying for new employment. In fear we’ll be discriminated by reason of age, recruitment websites advise not to state our year of birth to chance future work. If you’re assumed too young, you’re presumed to lack the experience required. Whereas if you’re suspected to be too old, it’s believed that your prime working years are long behind you.

On the contrary, you don’t need decades of experience to start a company, raise millions and build a billion pound empire – and you certainly don’t need to acquire a university or college degree to start or scale a business – but when experience is non-existent how do you prove your worth to prevent being scorched by the flames of judgement? How do you become the trendy new business that everybody is nudging their friends to check out?

Here are three ways to prove your worth to customers and show competitors that the age of your business shouldn’t be condemned:

1. Be Divergent and Stand Your Ground

Your business successes is what you define them to be; just because you’re ‘the new (or old) kid on the block’ doesn’t mean you don’t know a thing or two. The best businesses are the ones not afraid to throw all their cards on the table. They prompt fear in their competition and successfully generate the feeling of admiration in their customers.

Typically getting the attention of the public includes investing in marketing and achieving business – this is still much the case today – but with the nourishment of the world wide web, you can see these results efficiently at a fraction of the price. For your efforts to be a success your business’ needs to stand out and be different.

2. Be Taught, Be Heard and Be Known

Age doesn’t matter but experience does. Experience invokes trust into the buyer and this comes with age. Young businesses whom lack the desired experience should surround themselves with experienced mentors. Mentors boast the knowledge, experience, insight and valuable business contacts that can flourishingly take your business of the ground. Once you have identified your industries influencers, you must be proactive and begin to network with them both online and offline.

Allow for your business to be known by having an involved presence in your industry. Let your opinion be heard by participating in social media debates, joining conversation on community websites and talking at events. Word-of-mouth is the best kind of marketing, therefore it’s essential that you give your target market a reason to talk about you.

3. Don’t Forget Your Customers

The newest of businesses have to endure the most shouting and blowing off their own trumpet. Whereas the oldest of businesses have to oversee current trends and adapt their services to suit.

Time is scarce when you’re trying to make a good impression. When you’re busy attending networking events and getting yourself known, whom is attending your customers? Make sure you’re monitoring your communications around the clock, because if you’re not there to answer customer queries your competition will be. Your business should assign support representatives or outsource to a telephone answering service such as alldayPA.

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