Customer Service for the Financial Sector is More Important than Ever.

As business opportunities for the financial sector continue to improve, advisers are finding themselves working twice as hard to plough through the increasing amount of paperwork, prospective client meetings and new regulations. As a result, great customer service has been put on hold.

In recent years, the financial sector has obtained a poor customer service reputation. An increase in automated calls, such as those relating to mis-sold protection insurance (PPI) has hindered the sectors positioning. To detach from this negative customer service backlash, financial firms must improve their frontline communication and begin to cater for the ‘connected consumer’.

Meet Customer Expectations

A recent report from alldayPA found 62 percent of consumers would choose to use the phone to communicate with financial service providers, such as banks and insurance companies. Customers found the phone to be the most effective way to secure the information they require.

The report found the subject of finance to be too complex for customers to understand, and customers would often be left feeling dissatisfied with the ‘jargon-filled’ solution which would bring them no closer to understanding their initial enquiry or how to resolve it.

With the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) releasing complaint reports based on the data they receive from firms, failure to improve customer service could damage your firm. The finance firms which look after their customers will be best-positioned to succeed in an increasingly competitive and dynamic market.

Empower Your Firm to Work Smart

Customers want to deal with human beings, treat your customers how you would expect to be treated.

alldayPA Finance enables firms to ‘work smart’ with virtual assistant and call handling services. We understand that your time is precious and that’s why we’re on hand to help ease your workload. We work closely with countless financial businesses including advisory firms, banking, lending services and customer service departments.

Our PA’s will answer your calls as if based in your office. We work with you to create a unique script so you know your calls are being handled to your exact requirements. And, we can keep your firm open for business 24/7/365 at no extra cost. In a nutshell, we offer real customer service by real people.

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