A Day In The Life Of A PA

Many people assume that you have an easy ride when you say you work in a call centre. I’ll be honest and say that I thought the same before I came to work at alldayPA. However, after twelve weeks of intensive training I quickly realised that ‘easy’ is definitely not a word to describe what we do.

What we do is challenging, interesting and above all, of great importance to our clients. With this in mind you can imagine that a day in the life of a PA will keep you on your toes and is anything but plain sailing.

Half past nine.

So imagine it’s half past nine in the morning. In your typical office job, you would possibly be on your second cup of coffee and starting to trawl through your inbox or get on with the photocopying. You’d begin filing paperwork or following up on the numerous requests you had from the day before.

Not at alldayPA. By half past nine you could have taken 20 calls, each one from a different company, each one individually tailored to how our clients need us to handle them on their behalf.

Let me also say that boring it is not. If the coffee doesn’t keep you awake then the callers certainly will. They find ever more interesting ways to do this and some callers have even been known to begin the telephone conversation by swearing down the phone or finishing, rather noisily, whatever they are eating.

Another favourite of mine has to be when the caller coughs directly down the phone line: love that noise at any time of the day.

On the whole though, the calls are generally good and you begin to find yourself becoming elated when the person on the other end of the phone answers your questions without any complaint or inquisition (in spite of the fact that they have called you!) By now you should be starting to understand why we are employed in the first place, not to mention the Sales callers that insist they know the person they wish to speak with and then ask for their full name.

Highly and diversely skilled…

Amongst spelling and good typing skills we should also add to our list of skills Translation, as on frequent occasions we have to do just that. On one occasion all I was able to decipher from the caller was the following line: “I am Job?”

Counsellor may also be applicable in our job description as frequently we listen to life stories after asking the simple question whether they know what the call is regarding. Patience in this job is key and let me tell you that I have learnt that I didn’t have any until I came to work here.

Numerous times, I have repeated a caller’s telephone number only to have them tell me, rather abruptly, that I had the number incorrect and then to repeat the exact same number that I stated to them a few moments earlier. You will also come to learn that there are many things that constitute an emergency, including arranging a viewing for a property or enquiring of when they can expect to receive their free tablet.

Fish in kettles 24 hours a day.

The evenings and weekends however are an entirely different kettle of fish. They are also a kettle of fish I happen to prefer, as the calls you take are usually what actually constitutes an emergency.

These calls include boiler breakdowns, people who are locked out of their property or vehicle and the reporting of CT Head scans to name just a few. These are the calls that make you feel like you are valued and that your job is worthwhile.

All in all I hope you’ve enjoyed an insight into an exhausting and somewhat draining or stressful day in the life of a PA. Don’t be surprised if when you tell me your name I happen to ask how you are spelling that.

Written by the PA also known as Monique Grainger.

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