Do 34% of accountants really not answer the phone?


34% of accountants don’t answer the phone. That’s the statistic I stumbled upon today. Now, like all internet statistics it should be taken with a pinch of salt, but it does shed light on a common conception of the accounting industry – it can be nigh on impossible to get hold of your accountant over the phone.

There are of course a lot of accountants, and particularly larger accountancy firms, who provide excellent customer service and are great at answering customer calls. But, there are also plenty of small or independent accountants who, while they might be great accountants, certainly let things slide when it comes to the customer service side of the business.

Why do small firms struggle with customer service?

Now, it would be all too easy to blame this phenomenon on the stereotypical disgruntled accountant simply dodging calls. Anyone who knows a thing or two about accountancy though knows this just isn’t the case. The fact is that new legislation means that the work load of accountants has been steadily increasing, leaving barely any time to do anything other than provide the absolutely core elements of their service.

That doesn’t mean though that independent accountants and small firms should give up on the idea of providing good customer care over the phone – they should simply outsource their call answering.

The benefits of telephone answering

By outsourcing their call answering, accountants can concentrate on the work they are paid to do without the interruption of taking phone calls, safe in the knowledge that all of their client’s enquiries are being taken care of by their dedicated call handler. And, a telephone answering service does more than just look after existing customers.

By using a telephone answering service that provides 24/7 cover, accountancy firms will even begin to grow their existing client base. A 24/7 service not only means you never miss a new client’s enquiry, it will also help a firm establish themselves as providing the best customer service in their local area. Given that financial services still rely heavily on word of mouth to generate new leads, establishing a reputation as being the most easily accessible local firm is a fantastic lead generator.

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