Do More Than Just Survive: Make A Killing In The Post-Brexit Property Market


The UK property landscape post-Brexit is one of uncertainty, change, and opportunity. Estate agents will need to adapt to survive in the turbulent times ahead. However, out of chaos comes opportunity, and estate agents who embrace the new property market stand to make considerable financial gains.

Is your agency ready to embrace the post-Brexit landscape or will you let your competitors dominate the market?

The effect of Brexit

Forecasted property prices post-Brexit are terrible. Commercial prices in London are expected to fall by 30%, with prospects for the residential market looking even worse. Some experts say that as London’s house price bubble bursts, residential properties could lose 40% to 50% in value. As the rest of the UK market will likely follow suit, the future doesn’t look promising for UK property prices outside of the EU.

Despite this, the number of new buyers on the market has remained the same post-Brexit. And, in addition to the number of UK buyers remaining strong, there has been increased interest in the UK market from foreign investors.  Low property prices and the weakened pound make the UK market perfect for foreign buyers, and neither are likely to recover anytime soon.

This combination of falling property prices and new interest in the UK market means that forward thinking UK estate agents could make a lot of money in the post-Brexit market.

As it stands, however, your agency isn’t ready…

Equipping your agency for post-Brexit domination

The UK property market post-Brexit is one of uncertainty. What that means is that while there may be many potential buyers, the decision to buy is no easy process. To convince your buyers to invest in property, your agency requires the kind of infrastructure you don’t currently have.

The post-Brexit market means you need to answer your phones 24 hours a day. Foreign investors work to different time zones, and UK buyers will expect prompt responses to their concerns regardless of when they are raised.

In addition to this, the rapidly changing market means your agency needs to be ready with a dynamic response to every significant shift and opportunity. That means having lines of communication open at all times.

While you could argue that your website and email offers a 24-hour point of contact, nothing compares to the power of the human voice. And, when it comes to making significant decisions, potential clients always prefer to speak to a real person. The best way for your agency to offer 24-hour phone lines is by using a dedicated UK call answering service.

Telephone answering is the key to your success

A 24 hour UK telephone answering service means that you’re ready to speak to potential clients at all times. That means never missing a customer and never missing an opportunity.

A telephone answering service will answer your calls and send you an email in real time. You will instantly receive a message on your smartphone telling you who has called and what their query is. That gives you the power to filter the urgent calls from the irrelevant and means you can react effectively and decisively when it really matters.

When a potential buyer is getting cold feet at 9 o’clock on a Friday night you can guide them to the right decision, and when a Chinese investor is interested in your area, you can make sure you’re the first agency they get to speak to. Being able to answer these calls gives you the edge you need to succeed in today’s market.

At alldayPA, we have over 17 years’ of experience providing telephone answering services and we have worked with many estate agents to provide them with the support they need to rise to the top of the market. As well as providing message taking services we also offer diary management, appointment booking, and virtual switchboard services to support businesses of any size.

Maximise your results in the exciting post-Brexit market. Call alldayPA on 0345 056 8888 or fill in a form here.






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