Do You Plus? Here’s Why You Should.

Despite getting off to a slow start following its release in 2011, Google Plus is really coming into its own. More and more business owners are adopting the platform with a recent survey demonstrating that 360million users are currently active on Google Plus, second only to Facebook.

Yet Google Plus is still commonly perceived as a wasteland network. Only the bravest networkers go there. People are uncertain what content to post and how to interact with other users. It is more challenging to build up a formidable following on Google Plus than it is on, say, Twitter, where users are arguably more follow-happy.

This can make users new to Google Plus feeling as though they are posting into an abyss. But with 360 million listeners out there, there are even more reasons you should overcome your uncertainty and head over to Google Plus.


Google Plus offers your business what no other social network can: the power of the world’s largest search engine. Google Plus profiles and pages rank on Google, so that when people follow you on Google+ and reshare your content, or post content directly from your site, this all positively impacts your page ranking on Google.

No other social media network is so intrinsically linked to your page rank on Google. The higher you rank, the easier you are for your potential clients and customers to find. Google Plus is run by Google for Google and your business should get on board before it gets left behind.


There are millions of users across Google Plus. A great feature that is unique to Google Plus is their Communities.

You can join Communities as your brand and engage with customers and potential customers, or other like-minded business owners. Communities grant you a platform to build relationships and share your knowledge or advice in an environment in which you know other people share an interest in your content.

Find a Community that is relevant to your business and share your blog articles. Give hints, tips and advice about social media marketing strategy or what it’s like to own and grow a business. If your content is relevant and interesting, then people will Plus One it, share and link to it, helping you grow your credibility on Google Plus and contributing to your SEO efforts.

Get in there now

360 million users might be active on Google+ but only 35% of businesses currently have profiles on the social network. This is compared to the 70% of businesses with Facebook profiles, and 77% with Twitter accounts.

There isn’t as much competition on Google Plus and there is so much more to gain in terms of SEO and rankings, as well as extending your reach on a new social media platform.

You can enjoy all the benefits of Twitter and Facebook on Google Plus with the hash tag features (except Google ranks hash tags trending on Google Plus). But you needn’t worry about things like character limits on your posts. You can say what you need to say in as many words as you think it will take for you to effectively say it. Of course, you always have the choice to use fewer words to create impact when you like.

Here is a really great post by Martin Shervington describing Google+ from the beginning. It explains how you can build your brand page and the possibilities available to you once you get started. Shervington describes Google Plus pages as a blank canvas: you can mould it to suit the needs of your business.

Already on Google Plus?

We’ll see you there! Add us to your circles on Google Plus to see our exclusive offers, which will be available soon.

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