Does Connectivity Mean Availability? Your Customers Think So.

What is the first thing you do in the morning? And, what is the last thing you do before you go to bed? Chances are, you probably check your emails and social media accounts.

We live in a 24/7 world, where the majority of us have instant access to social technologies, working platforms, and collaborative tools such as email. We are a nation addicted to our smartphones, and the need to always feel connected. But does being connected mean we’re always available?

Most professional businesses understand they could never compete in the marketplace if they shut down their phones during important business hours. However, today’s customers want things now, and not just between the hours of nine to five. Service requests, business opportunities and sale enquiries can happen at any time. It’s essential that you have the right infrastructure in place to run the business successfully day and night.

As we move towards an even more connected world, the separation between “connectivity” and availability” will become increasingly more difficult. Businesses wanting to flourish must capitalise on this goal. But what strategies can your business adopt to grow successfully?

Customers Want To Contact You Around The Clock

You may only work office hours, but customer requests and business enquiries happen all day, every day. Customers want to be able to contact you around the clock. If you’re unable to address their needs, they’ll go to someone else who will.

The ease and speed a customer finds a solution to their problem is part of the customer experience. You must ensure all customers can contact you and have their questions answered promptly. Always go that extra mile to provide a service that is personalised and reliable.

Smaller companies and those without a heavy demand for out-of-hours service may be able to utilise an automated system that will make the business appear to be running 24/7. For example: a small breakfast and bed hotel may add a booking tool to their website, to allow customers to plan their stay without having to interact with an employee.

The Importance Of Human Interaction In Customer Service

Earlier this year, alldayPA conducted The Every Call Counts Report and the research shown there are times when an automated or impersonal service simply isn’t enough and that’s when consumers turn to the phone. And, when they do pick up the phone, they have very distinctive ideas to the factors that constitute a ‘satisfactory’ experience.

The research shown an overwhelming majority of consumers consider the phone to be their preferred method of communication. As such, having capable staff who are equipped to resolve their enquiries in an efficient, helpful and polite manner is vital.

Virtual Assistants And Telephone Answering Services

Many companies simply don’t have the resources available to open out of office hours. That is why virtual assistants are in such demand. Virtual assistants can be relied upon to perform a wide range of business tasks, such as administration, customer service, call handling and diary management.

With alldayPA, you can ensure your business remains contactable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will get your own team of highly-trained virtual assistants, who will answer your calls as if based in your office. Your customers will never be greeted by an automated voicemail message or an engaged tone again.

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