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As the Summer of Sport reaches its climax prepare your business for staff absences around these key dates in the Olympic calendar

While this summer has been great for sports fans, it’s been a pain for employers. Euro 2016 held matches right in the middle of the working day, and we all skived off for strawberries and cream as Murray won Wimbledon. August the 5th sees the start of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, which while being the high point of the summer for sports aficionados, could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for employers.

Fortunately as Rio runs 4 hours behind British Summer Time, the majority of events will run outside of work hours. However, this does mean that on some days the action will continue well past midnight. With the likes of the men’s 100 metre final being run at 2.25am it’s more than likely employers could see a few late starts over the course of the games. Get your business ready now with a call answering service from alldayPA.

05/08/2016 Opening Ceremony at the Maracanã Stadium

After the success of Danny Boyle’s theatrical opening ceremony to the London 2012 games, the opening ceremony in Rio will likely receive high viewing figures. Even if it’s just a case of keeping up with the joneses, the British public will tune in to see how the Brazilians compete with our efforts.

So far we know the show will be hosted by Giselle Bundchen and will feature a range of Brazilian performers and musical acts. The highlight as always will be the lighting of the Olympic torch to signify the official start of the games. The ceremony begins at 8pm in Rio which is midnight our time, so hopefully there will be little disruption to the working day.

Photo By Jim Thurston CC BY-SA 2.0

Image By Jim Thurston Source CC-BY-SA-2.0

08/08/2016 Tom Daley & Dan Goodfellow 10m Synchro

Tom was only 14 when he first appeared on our screens in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Now aged 21 he is about to enter his 3rd games in Rio. Tom is one of the biggest names in Team GB and always grabs big viewing figures. And, as his 10m synchro with Dan Goodfellow is one of the first times we’ll see a big British name at this year’s games its likely people will tune in and watch.

Later that same day Team GB swimmer James Guy will likely feature in the 200m freestyle finals which, given its scheduled start time of 2am, could see a few red eyes and late starts the next morning.

12/08/2016 – Team GB Rowing, Bradley Wiggins, and the Murray brothers in Action

2012 was a fantastic year for Bradley Wiggins. After becoming the first British Rider to win the Tour de France he went on to win the time trial event at London 2012, becoming the most decorated British Olympian of all time in the process. While Bradley may have been replaced by Chris Froome at the top of UK cycling, Wiggins is still a massive draw with the fans and plenty of people will want to see if he can lead the men’s pursuit team to a medal in the velodrome.

Image By Tatiana Source CC-BY-SA-2.0

Image By Tatiana Source CC-BY-SA-2.0

As if Bradley Wiggins wasn’t star power enough, Day 8 of the 2016 games will also see the conquering hero Andy Murray make his first appearance of the games. Fresh off the back of his second Wimbledon win, Andy is arguably the biggest name in Team GB and, along with his brother Jamie, he hopes to go all the way in the men’s doubles.

On top of the cycling and the tennis day 8 also brings us some medal hopes in the form of that old staple of British Olympic success – Rowing. Britain have always done well in the rowing and with any luck Rio 2016 will be no different. Helen Glover and Heather Stanning look to defend their gold medal while the Men’s Four team are also hopeful.

With the rowing starting at 12.30pm and the Tennis starting at 4pm, prepare for staff to take the afternoon off to watch the action live.


13/08/2016 Another Super Saturday?

For many people the highlight of the London 2012 games was “Super Saturday” when Team GB took home 6 gold medals plus a silver to make it the most successful day in British Olympic history. While day 9 of the 2016 games isn’t set to be quite as historic, there are plenty of star names taking to the starting blocks.

Greg Rutherford will be looking to repeat his performance in the long jump, while the women’s heptathlon could see both Jessica Ennis-Hill and Katarina Johnson-Thompson making the podium. Add to that Mo Farah running in the 10,000 metres and this is likely to be one of the most watched days of the 2016 games.

14/08/2016 – Golf, Tennis, and the 100m final

This is the big one. The event synonymous with the Olympics and one of the most watched sporting events in the world. This year is set to be Usain Bolt’s last Olympic Games, which makes the 100

Image by Richard Giles Source CC-BY-SA-2.0

Image by Richard Giles Source CC-BY-SA-2.0

metres the one to watch. While most agree that Bolt’s unlikely to break the world record for the 100 metres again, he’s still the one to beat when it comes to getting the gold. Bolt is already the most successful track athlete of the modern era, and with a possible 3 more golds to come at this year’s games, Rio 2016 will cement his legacy.

But it’s not just Usain that will be keeping people up well into the night as Sunday the 14th also sees a number of medal opportunities for Team GB. The men’s final of the tennis will likely see Andy Murray face his old nemesis Novak Djokovic for the gold, while both the cycling and the golf present Team GB with chances to medal.

And to top it off the finals of the men’s pommel horse could see 2 medals for Team GB as star of London 2012 Lewis Smith and current world champion Max Whitlock go head to head as favourites in the contest.

With the 100 metres set to air at 2.25 am UK time, if there’s any day staff are likely to take time off work, it’s the morning after this historic night – Monday the 15th.

20/08/2016 – Nicola Adams, More Mo, and the Football Final

By this point the games are winding down, and while this Saturday of sport might not affect the 9 to 5 crowd, if your business operates over the weekend expect some staff to be missing in action as they try and catch Team GB’s last few medal chances.

Nicola Adam’s will take to the ring in the women’s flyweight class in an attempt to repeat her performance in London 2012, and Mo Farah will take to the track in the 5,000km for what will hopefully be his second gold of the games.

While all that is going on two of the big team competitions conclude in the form of the men’s football and the women’s volleyball, both of which always prove popular with the viewing public.

21/08/2016 – Closing Ceremony at the Maracanã Stadium

We made it! As the ceremony at the Maracanã draws the games to a close you will hopefully have survived two weeks of surprise staff absences and a sleepy workforce. The men’s basketball and volleyball finals are the two big sporting draws of the day, but unfortunately with no real chances for Team GB. The closing ceremony kicks off at 11.15pm our time so prepare for some possible absences and tired eyes Monday morning, and give yourself a pat on the back for surviving this year’s summer of sport.

If you’re interested in finding out how alldayPA can support your business through the Olympics and the rest of the year, call us on 0345 056 8888 or complete a contact form here.

Featured Image by cdephotos Source CC-BY-2.0

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