Don’t let staff absence damage your business around this Wednesday’s big game

This Wednesday at 8pm the Red Dragons ride again as they kick off their semi-final with Portugal. After last week’s shock victory against Belgium, and with Ashley Williams and the team showing their best form in recent memory, it’s likely the country will come to a standstill as people sit down to watch the most important game for a generation.

While everyone is excited to see just how far Wales can go in the competition, for Welsh business owners Wednesday’s match will be met with both joy and concern as they prepare to deal with the fallout from the big game. With any important sporting event there’s higher than average absenteeism, but with a game this big Wednesday and Thursday could see Wales hit with an epidemic of convenient and vague illnesses as people phone in sick to work.

Staff will take time off the watch the game

Although the match itself is outside of standard working hours, there’s already a growing campaign for workers to have the whole day off to celebrate the Welsh team’s success. Wales and Swansea City defender Neil Taylor is leading the charge and has come out as saying that Wednesday should be made a national holiday in Wales so people can get together to watch the game.

While it’s highly unlikely this will happen, business owners should be prepared for unexpected absences as a consequence of the game. While Wednesday could see people calling in sick as they go to parties and BBQ’s to watch the game, Thursday is just as likely to be just as problematic when people suffer with hangovers from a night of (we hope) celebrating.

alldayPA can support your business during this busy time

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Whether it’s covering absences from the football, or just covering holidays and parents taking time off during the school break, telephone answering from alldayPA ensures your productivity doesn’t suffer when your staff are out of the office this summer click this.

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