Don’t let your business suffer from BT outages

BT Outages

This morning many people have gone into work to discover their internet is down. The problem has been caused by BT outages which have affected large parts of the BT network nationally. The areas affected include London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Edinburgh and Northern Ireland. While repairs are estimated to be made in London today, some parts of the country could be waiting up to 5 days for their internet to come back online. For businesses that rely on their website as their main channel of customer engagement, this will come as terrible news.

The effect of BT Outages on small businesses

For small business owners and anyone working in ecommerce 5 days without internet is a significant length of time and could have a dramatic effect on business. With no access to their website many small businesses will lose their primary channel of engagement with customers. This will effect customer service, customer retention, and could even mean losing business to a competitor. While customer’s are unable to access your website there is an increased need to offer customer service over the phone. For many small businesses who rely almost solely on their website, swapping to a phone based system for the next 5 days may seem logistically impossible. However by outsourcing customer service lines to a dedicate third party telephone answering service, any business can have the kind customer service firepower needed to effectively manage these BT outages.

Use alldayPA to keep your customers happy

The best way to combat this issue is to outsource your customer service lines to alldayPA. alldayPA have the infrastructure needed to handle the sharp rise in customer service calls you will receive while your website is down, and can help to maintain your professional public image during this difficult time.

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