Don’t Be a (Load of Old) Bauble(s) Be a Star

In work and in life, you want to be noticed for all the right reasons, you want to be able to elevate you career, successfully climb up the ladder of success, and you want to be able to enjoy the lifestyle you always dreamed of. However, there are no quick-fixes in life, and to successfully reach your goals you need to shine like a star.

The people who are the most acknowledged and the happiest, are the ones who are stars at what they do. They invest in things that matter and focus their energy striving for better. Unlike a bauble who shows up and gets work done; a star excels and works to exceed.

To stand out and shine, commit yourself to adopting these business attributes and soon your efforts will see you flourish into the superstar you are:

1. Attitude Over Experience

There is a lot of emphasis placed on the word ‘experience’. Yes, work experience is an advantage, but experience can be taught whereas a strong attitude to get things done cannot. No matter your working experience, in order to shine you must boast a strong aptitude, a flare for your industry and an appetite to acquire new knowledge.

2. Quality Not Quantity

You should never confuse activity with results. How you perform directly impacts your work and ultimately your life. You should aim to keep procrastination to a minimum and strive to perform productively while producing results which are quality-driven and tangible.

3. Always Welcome Feedback

We all have only one perspective. The value and insights that other perspectives offer can enable us to work much more effectively. So why not welcome feedback? When experiencing criticism, you should never feel bad or disappointed as it’s an opportunity to grow and improve.

4. Discipline for Direction

The two most-requested character attributes that recruitment agencies seek. is a passion for working and a desire to become a pivotal part in the company’s growth. Foster the characteristics of a leader by having a clear, concise and prioritised direction on every project that you work on.

5. Learn From Mistakes

Don’t lie to your co-workers or clients. When mistakes are made, always take full ownership. By admitting your wrong-doings and offering reasonable solutions to the problems created, you demonstrate real professionalism. Never quit, learn from your mistakes and master the tasks at hand.

6. Fight For Beliefs

During your lifetime you will encounter disagreements when a conflict of opinion apparent arises. You should express you opinion calmly and explain the reasoning behind your choices. Even if you’re wrong, you will be more respected for speaking aloud than remaining quiet.

7. Write Down Goals

When you decide what you want and where you wish to be, you need to take the correct steps to get there. When you break your goal into a list of plans, your goal will become less daunting. Things may change along the way, but if you stay focused on working hard, you will eventually reach your life goal and become a star.

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