Don’t make this Customer Service mistake over Christmas

christmas holly decoration

Who’s answering your phone this Christmas?

Like most people you’re probably looking forward to some time off over Christmas. Lots of companies will rely on their answer phone to manage their calls during the Christmas period, but using an answer phone doesn’t provide the best results for you or your customers.

Don’t miss opportunities

80% of people who reach an answer phone don’t leave a message. That means 80% of your possible new business opportunities are lost. Given each of those calls is a potential new lead for January, you can’t risk losing them.

Why don’t people leave answer phone messages?

But why don’t people leave messages? Quite simply, because they don’t believe they’ll get a reply if they do. Customers expect a high level of service. If you’re not there to answer their call how can you help with their enquiry? They’d rather just take their business elsewhere.

Trust alldayPA

The good news is there’s a simple and cost effective alternative to using an answer phone over Christmas. With a message taking service from alldayPA, a real person will answer your calls 24 hours a day. Your customers are much more likely to leave a message with a real person as they feel they’re more trustworthy and their enquiry is more likely to be dealt with.

Use alldayPA this Christmas to give your customers the best possible service, and to make sure you never miss a call.

Find out about our message taking service and more by calling us today.

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