3 Reasons Driving Instructors Should Try Telephone Answering

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3 Reasons Driving Instructors Should Try Telephone Answering

At alldayPA we get a lot of driving schools signing up with us– but some other driving teachers don’t even know call answering exists.

Basically, a call answering service is a company that answers your calls when you can’t (and that means when you’re teaching a lesson by the way!).

It’s an affordable service that can really help you to grow your business and have happy students.

Here are 3 reasons driving instructors should try a telephone answering service.

1.  It’s illegal to use your phone while teaching a lesson

using a phone while teaching a driving lesson is illegal

When you’re teaching a driving lesson it’s illegal to use your phone.

The highway code says that “it’s illegal to use your phone while driving or riding a motorcycle unless you have hands-free access” and “the law still applies to you if you’re supervising a learner driver”.

This could even result in the loss of your ADI registration if they decide it’s a major risk to the safety of your students or other road users.

With 2017 being the year the government are cracking down on mobile phone use while driving it isn’t worth the risk. Let alldayPA take the call.

2. Your students can always get in touch with you

a student waiting for their driving instructor

If you can’t use your phone while teaching a lesson or driving between lessons you basically can’t use your phone for most of the day.

If a student needs to get hold of you to rearrange a lesson – quite simply – they won’t be able to, and 80% of people don’t leave voicemails.

It’s unlikely you’ll be free to take the call so you’ll never know they can’t make it, and you’ll end up driving across town and waiting for a student who never turns up.

Make sure this isn’t you – get a telephone answering service so your students can always leave a message with a real person.

3. It’ll make your business look more professional

Learning to drive is a big step for both students and their parents.

If someone phones you up to ask about their first lesson or their child’s first lesson you need to give them the best first impression.

When you use alldayPA all your calls are answered by our friendly and professional PA’s 24/7, so your students and their families will feel safe having you teach their lessons.

Don’t lose business to competitors because of missed calls or bad first impressions, get an edge with a telephone answering service from alldayPA.

Call us today on 0345 056 8888.

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