Find Your Voice. How To Develop Your Online Persona

Developing an online presence is important because it adds to consumer perceptions of your brand. Finding your voice online is an integral part of this branding process.

It helps people relate to you and your company values when they see you talking and interacting with others on social media.


The tone of your writing is your “voice.” It’s what people “hear” when they read your blog or check out your social media posts – even your website.

In a sense, you become familiar and people can get to know you. Your audience comes to know what to expect from you, which is desirable as then you know what to expect from yourself.

Why are people listening?

You need to know why people are listening to you because no one will do it of their own accord. Your target audience will not seek you out online. You have to go to them.

Social media is a great way of doing this. But you need to know what should motivate people to listen to you, engage with you and ultimately buy from you.

Ask yourself what kind of content you’re sharing. Firstly, it should be relevant to your target audience. You need to make them care about your product or service, but talking none-stop and indiscriminately about what you do is not the way to attract followers.

Give them what they want.

Find your online voice by asking what kind of content your potential audience want to see. Then provide it for them.

For instance, are you informational? Do you provide your audience with informative posts that keep them up to date and in the know?

Perhaps you provide a specialist service and have years of experience, qualifying you to give advice to others just starting out. Maybe you feel your audience would respond better to light-hearted, humorous content, or it could be a mixture of all these things.

Building your brand.

Once you’ve found your voice, you have begun to build your brand and you have a purpose. You know the type of content you need to be posting and, significantly, you know the type of person who will want to read it: your customers and potential customers.

Interacting with these people then becomes easier as you establish yourself as a thought leader in a certain field. You put yourself in the driver’s seat because you are writing what you know. So if anyone comments on your post with a follow-up question, you are well placed to provide them with an insightful and useful answer.

An army of voices?

If you are not personally in charge of your online presence or if you have a team working on your behalf, it is important that everyone understands the importance of the appearance of uniformity.

Create a content strategy so that your team know the types of content they need to be searching for and posting, and how they need to discuss certain issues.

Everybody has their own individual writing style; this is unavoidable. But you can keep the essential “voice” and brand of the company tightly uniform by defining your content strategy from the beginning.

It is likely that you will discover your voice and develop your persona as you get more involved in social media and with your blog. You will find that the words flow easier as you come to understand what you want to say, how you want to say it and, most importantly, who you need to hear it.

What do you think?

Does finding your voice need to be as deeply thought through as this? Is it something that should just come naturally?

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