Is Your Firm Open To Outsourcing? You’re Not Alone!

To build a new business from scratch, you need strong ideas, dedication, organisation and a fair amount of luck.

Even the most astute entrepreneurs need some help to get their firm off the ground, which is why outsourcing is such an important issue. You might not have the necessary in-house expertise to run your company from top to bottom, which is why many startups call in third party organisations to handle certain aspects of their enterprise.

Are you open to outsourcing?

A new report published by Grant Thornton has shown that as many as two in five business leaders globally are already outsourcing some of their back office processes or plan to do so in the near future. Around 57 per cent of these people cited improving efficiency as the main reason for using the services of an external company, while 55 per cent felt that outsourcing would help them reduce costs in the long run.

According to the International Business Report, outsourcing is most prominent in Latin America, where 51 per cent of firms have embraced the concept. The same can be said of 43 per cent of North American companies, 42 per cent of businesses in the Asia-Pacific region and 36 per cent of European firms.

The main tasks that businesses are looking to offload include tax affairs (this was a priority for 49 per cent of firms), IT (46 per cent), and HR and payroll (36 per cent). From experience, we at alldayPA know that a lot of organisations are also outsourcing their call centres, as they are increasingly aware of the importance of providing customer service support all day, every day.

Why administrative tasks can quickly become a burden

It is understandable that some entrepreneurs are wary when it comes to outsourcing, as they are reluctant to relinquish control of something they have taken years to build. It’s a bit like when a mother has to take her child to school for the first time – they know they have to do it, but it is still difficult.

Of those businesses that had no plans to outsource, 44 per cent said they were unwilling to loosen their grip on their company’s operations. However, head of outsourcing at Grant Thornton Samantha George insisted that delegating certain tasks and processes to a third party organisation is important.

“The results highlighted the popular misconception that outsourcing a process means losing control, whereas, in fact, it can help senior leaders at dynamic companies take a step back and gain a clearer picture of how the business is performing against its strategy,” she commented.

Ms George added that administrative tasks can soon mount up and entrepreneurs can waste a large portion of their day answering calls and emails, which means they don’t have enough time to focus on more important matters. This is why the services offered by alldayPA are in such high demand, as we can keep your customers happy while at the same time giving company owners an opportunity to concentrate on business development.

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