Freephone Numbers To Become Expensive For Business

0800 numbers are to become increasingly expensive for businesses from 1st July 2015 as mobile phones calling 080x numbers are to be paid for by businesses not mobile phone owners.

Currently, mobile networks operators charge users up to 35p per minute to call a UK Freephone number. Ahead of connecting the call, the network provider plays a Pre-Call Announcement (PCA) to warn the caller that Freephone 080x number is not necessarily free.

This is a confusing customer experience and differs to how calls on 0800 numbers from landlines are handled so after July 1st, the Pre Call Announcements will be removed and the business owner of the 080x number will be charged for mobile numbers calling it. It is estimated up to 70 percent of incoming calls to 080x numbers will originate from a mobile phone and means after 1st July 2015 the owner of the 080x number will be charged substantially more.

Why you should consider moving your business number over to an 03 alternative

If you’re a business owner with an 080x number you may find your inbound call costs spiralling out of control as more people call you from their mobile phones and you have to carry the costs of these calls. It could potentially mean a loss of business too, as customers on mobile devices opt for a more transparent 03 number.

To avoid the increase costs to your business, you should move your 080x number to an 03 alternative. By doing so, you’ll avoid the charges that are attributed to a Freephone number.

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