Get Motivated This Monday For A Productive Week

Diving back into work after the weekend can prove a challenge on some Monday mornings. Based in Manchester, those of us at alldayPA are certainly accustomed to battling torrential rain on our way to work. Arriving soggy and downtrodden, we go and make ourselves a coffee, and sit down at the screen that will stare back at us for the next five days.

How can you make Monday mornings less dreary? Take a look at our top tips so that you spend your Sunday evenings looking forward to the week ahead.

1 Plan for Monday on Friday

This is also a great way to help you relax into your weekend, as you’re not stressing about the forthcoming week.

Take a few minutes towards the end of the day on Friday to jot down the key things you want to achieve next week. Then, break these targets down, so that tasks seem more manageable.

For example, under the broad heading, “To do: write blog article,” you might write that you aim to have researched it by 17:00 on Monday; created a first draft by 12:00 on Tuesday; and have the final draft polished and published by 10:00 on Wednesday.

This way, you have a bench mark idea of what you want to get done, and planned how you can achieve it within that time frame. You will have a clear list of priorities set out ahead of you to help you have the most productive week possible.

For more tips about how to organise your time effectively, take a look at our Top 4 Time Management Tips.

2 Prioritise: Focus on completing the most difficult tasks first

Not only does this boost your confidence by giving you a good sense of accomplishment so early in the day, but it makes sense that Monday morning has to be your most productive hours of the week.

It’s been shown that, on the whole, we’re more productive in the mornings. This is because you’re well rested after a good night’s sleep, and have just finished your breakfast and your morning coffee.

Monday is the early morning of your week. It is when you are most productive. You have had two days to rest your brain, catch up on sleep, and engage in non-work related activities. Now is the time to face a challenge, when you’re at your freshest.

3 Clear your desk

At some point this week, go through the clutter on your desk, and be ruthless. Either throw away the useless bits of scrap paper, and notes from last March, or invest in some storage. Make neat piles; put your pens in pencil cases; keep your folders to one side.

It’s a cliché, but a tidy desk equals a tidy mind. It’s so much more inviting to come into on a Monday morning than a cluttered jumble of paper and note books. At the end of every week – or every day if you need to – take some time to clear your desk for the week ahead.

Organisation is a key factor to help you increase productivity this week.

Most productive week ever?

So you’ve planned for the week ahead by setting yourself targets and clearing your desk. You’ve even got the most difficult tasks out the way early. Your week should be shaping up to be very productive.

At the end of every day, step back and take a look at the tasks you’ve completed. Have you reached your goals? Are you happy? This will help you assess your productivity on a daily basis.

Make sure you enjoy your sense of achievement when you complete difficult tasks, and get things done on time. Reward yourself. And, perhaps most importantly, make sure that you allocate time every day to relax and unwind, so that the week doesn’t pile on top of you, and you stay motivated to keep going until Friday.

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